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Sailor Mars / Rei Hino #12 – Dedicated Miko edition

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A comfy thread for celebrating the most beautiful Sailor Senshi. This time centered in one of the most importat aspects of Rei's life - her dedication as a Miko.

Post your best solo Rei pics of her wearing her Miko robes. Other solo Rei pics (keyword, solo) are also ok, but the ones in her Miko attire preferred. Pics of the other girls/characters not welcome - even if including Rei, as this thread is meant exclusively for solo pics of Rei Hino.

Let’s have a nice thread for the Pretty Soldier of fire and passion, the one and only Rei Hino, Sailor Mars. Keep it classy and remember not to text bump or necrobump. Try to find the highest resolution available or else in the name of Mars, Sailor Mars will chastise you!

Sailor Mars music for the thread:

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