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Hungry Games General

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Reborn edition

Welcome, one and all, to the Hungry Games General! This bold new reimagining is now a multi-game hub instead of having one game per thread, so don't be discouraged from stopping by if the thread's already at 100 posts.
For the uninitiated, the premise of the games is simple - draw a contestant to compete against 23 other challengers, and they'll all be put into a simulation, often full of wacky events, where every new slide could mean life or death! You're encouraged to interact with these events via drawing your character and anyone else that shares an event with you, but it's entirely optional if you just feel like watching instead. The last one standing gets the glory of victory, and maybe a snazzy wincard as well!
There are no set rules for these threads, however some basic etiquette should be followed - make sure you reply to the host with your character's picture, their name, and their gender in case it's not immediately obvious. Make sure your entry is drawn by you - this is the art board after all! (If you want to use non-drawn tributes, why not check out the HG threads on /trash/ or /b/?) Try not to spam a bunch of tributes at once - give other people a chance to enter, and if you can't, be nice and swap one of your characters out if there are latecomers.
>Question of the thread: What was your first word?
Happy drawing, and good luck!