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Elon Musk being an Anti Semite is what makes Twitter advertiser revolt different from other boycotts

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A slew of marquee advertisers suspended their advertising on Twitter, Friday in response to a post by owner Elon Musk that endorsed an antisemitic post Wednesday.

Why it matters: This is the closest Twitter' has come to a large-scale boycott since Musk purchased the platform more than a year ago.

Driving the news: Apple and IBM, two of Twitter's biggest tech advertisers, both said they would pause advertising on Twitter'. Lionsgate, Disney, Comcast/NBCU, Paramount, Warner Bros. Discovery and other firms also paused their marketing.

>Media Matters for America published a report Thursday that highlighted Apple, IBM, Amazon and Oracle as among those whose ads were shown next to far-right posts.

Be smart: Musk's comments served as a final confirmation to increasingly skeptical marketers.

>"It's not just advertising adjacent to this kind of horrendous content, it's also the creator program that Musk rolled out," said Ruben Schreurs, chief strategy officer at media investment analysis firm Ebiquity.
>Twitter's creator program shares ad revenue with certain users that have a certain reach. Advertisers have grown wary of ways their ad dollars may be funding creators who post questionable content.

Between the lines: Musk in the past has blamed research from groups like the Anti-Defamation League and the Center for Countering Digital Hate for forcing the hand of advertisers.

>That's a harder argument to make in this case, as brands were quick to pull unilaterally in response to Musk's own comments.