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Piss Fetish Guy Trump Tells Iowa Voters He’s Just ‘Not Into Golden Showers’ Unprompted

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For a guy who claims the piss tape isn't real, he sure takes a lot of energy denying it when no one brings it up.

Donald Trump felt the need to make his kink preferences very clear to an Iowa audience on Saturday, describing how he denied to his wife Melania the claim he had sex workers urinate on him.

“‘He was with four hookers,’” Trump summarized to a Fort Dodge, Iowa, crowd. “You think that was good that night they go up and tell my wife, ‘It’s not true, darling. I love you very much. It’s not true.’”

The claim was one of the most incendiary in a 2016 dossier by former British spy Christopher Steele, a document that alleged the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to win the 2016 presidential election. It claimed that Trump, during a 2013 stay at the Ritz Carlton in Moscow, hired sex workers to perform a “golden showers” show on the hotel bed to defile it, as he had heard the Obamas had stayed in the same bed.

But Trump said on Saturday that it didn’t take much to disprove that claim to his wife.

“Actually that one she didn’t believe because she said, ‘He’s a germaphobe, he’s not into that,’” Trump said. “‘He’s not into golden showers,’ as they say they called it. I don’t like that idea. No, I didn’t. I thought that would be a big problem, I was going to have a rough night, but that one she was very good on.”