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Church gives away AR-15 as part of Fourth of July raffle

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A church in Tennessee held a raffle over Fourth of July weekend to give away an AR-15.

The River of Tri-Cities Church in Johnson City said the raffle was a part of holiday celebrations, according to a report from WJHL.

Pastor Todd Holmes told WJHL that the AR-15 was just one of many giveaways at the church, and he thought it was appropriate since it was in honor of Independence Day.

Holmes said this isn’t the first time the church has held a gun raffle. He also said the winner must pass a background check before receiving the AR-15.

Members of the congregation are no strangers when it comes to firearms. A sign on the door of the church reads:

“WARNING! This is not a gun free zone! WE ARE ARMED! Any attempt to disrupt or harm will be dealt with in an overwhelming display of force!”