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Americans score a huge win

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U.S. people everywhere scored a huge in today as 198 election-rigging democrats were absolutely blown the fuck out by 5 of their own party and every republican in congress.

The house passes the SAVE act, and the bill now heads to the senate.

Highlights: the bill requires states to verify citizenship when registering someone to vote. It also requires states to set up a mechanism that will verify the citizenship of everyone on the voting rolls and purge non-US citizens.

This additional check will not only prevent illegals from registering to vote, but also frustrate Democrats' efforts of registering to vote in other peoples and then comfiting mass voter fraud, like what happened with these Democrats convicted of large-scale voter fraud since 2020: Shakir Khan, Gloria Torres, Wanda Geter-Pataky, Carlos Antonio De Bourbon Montenegro, Craig Callaway, and Abdul Rahman

Lowlights: It will not make it into effect this year, meaning election-rigging democrats already on the loosing end of the election, may try to rig the election more than usual, what some analysts are referring to as "super-rigging"