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Maximum Spider Quest #21

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You are Ben Parker, super-powered criminal and thief extraordinaire. After being bitten by a radioactive spider, you underwent a miraculous change, and adopted the identity of "The Huntsman"! But it's not all bad! Your clone brother, Abel Parker, works to protect the city, and potentially help clean up some of your messes. <span class="mu-i">He</span> goes by the name of "Spider-Man"!


Last time: After Ben caught up with his clone brother, Abe (A.K.A. Spider-Man), he recruited the Thief Girls to look into the production and distribution of an addictive drug targeted towards mutants called "Kick". Then, he requested that Ember's first act as a Desperado be to use her powers to remodel Central Park into the greatest Halloween attraction known to man.

And with all the help Ben's been giving the Morlocks, Callisto finally admits to being able to trust him completely. Although, the fact that Ben had just revealed his name and face to her somewhat helped with that declaration.

But what of Iara's revelation of Donny's return? Will the Morlocks be able to comfortably move out of Central Park? Will their plans to profit off of Ember's powers pan out, or will it blow up in their faces?

And will Storm ever recommend the Desperados' services to her colleagues.

Find out more in the latest issue of…<span class="mu-s"><span class="mu-r">MAXIMUM SPIDER QUEST!</span></span>

Most dice rolls will be 1d100. Modifiers will be added depending on the situation or on the alien being used(Usually +10 or -10). Crit successes and crit fails apply. Crit fails can be overridden by crit successes, but crit failures cannot override crit successes.

How to Roll:
To roll dice, type “dice+1d100” in the options field without the quotations. To roll dice with positive modifiers, type “dice+1d100+modifier number” in the options field without quotations, and with an actual modifier number. To roll dice with negative modifiers, type “dice+1d100+-modifier number” in the options field without quotations, and with an actual modifier number.


Character Sheet:

Equipment and Gear:


10 Commandments of the Desperados:


The Huntsman’s Travel Guide:

Upcoming Events in the Maximum Universe:

Good luck and have fun!