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Seekers of the Esoteric: Volume 9

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Space. The Final Frontier, or so some sailors call it. Beyond the outermost lip of the Earth, there is a black emptiness. The Prime Material Plane is, they say, suspended in an endless void. To those with the eyes to see it, through, and the means to survive it, there is so much more. In the skies above, there are Holy Lun and Holy Sol: the spheroid satellite-worlds of the Eladrin, or High Elves, and their divine creators. Beyond even these is the firmament—a great sphere, speckled with rotating stars. Beyond the firmament, above and below it, are the Divine Realms—the Heavens above and the Hellish Realms below.

And to some, a select few, even THAT frontier is not final.

Your name is Ezreal Mious Van Houtzmann, half-human child of the Sylvan Elves of Dappulyet, Apprentice to the Archmage of Hawksong, and self-proclaimed Seeker of the Esoteric… And you are currently a little out of your depth.

You are presently suspended in just such a ‘place beyond’: in the aether-flooded ‘space-between-spaces’ which exists just outside of the firmament, yet not amongst the hosts of Heaven or of Hell. Rather, you float amongst the Elemental planes: realms of purest Fire, Air, Water, and Earth, which touch upon each-other across dimensions beyond the three which define your usual perceptual reality. An earlier brush with these same planes (and no small amount of study and practice, it must be said) ahs gifted you the ability to survive here…

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…But not to navigate this strange space freely, nor to escape it now that you are here, and drained of all magic. The young woman floating before you in this strange space brought you here, clad in black, has the means to take you both back from whence you came. Her name is Izirina Henzler (though she was born with another), and she is both your master’s adoptive daughter and the woman you love. Or, well, one of two.

…Or should you now say ‘three’?