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Nation on the Brink #9

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The Nation of Ferrovia has fractured with the death of king Harold with three successor states and a bandit kingdom now fighting over the nation's future. King Elric, the king's brother backed by the landed nobility of the country, wages war in hopes of holding up the monarchy and by connection with the landed gentry. As he styles himself now Lord protector Baric attempts to halt the Monarchists and reformists from harming the status quo with the backing of the army his force is small but well trained and armed. The last of the main contenders is Queen Meredith the sole child of King Harold and devout reformist backed by merchants democrats and communists alike she must lead this dispraite force to victory.
You are Sir Edmund ”The Crow” Drayton, a recently Knighted Yeoman, the leader of the small monarchist sub faction of the reformists. The last few months have seen you push the southern front of the junta forces hard. They have put up stiff resistance with the capture of the ferrovian military academy and the destruction of a motorized division being your reward for your efforts.

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The men are ready the next day after defeating the motorized division to keep heading north pushing through desolate territory. The ferrovian countryside is ravaged by the war small villages that used to be the life blood of the rural areas in the north are all but gone The railroads which once moved ore and grain to the industrial cities lay destroyed heaps of burned railroad ties and the tracks themselves having been thrown onto the fire to make them useless. The enemy is going full scorched earth where they can. Your pushes are often slowed by nearly every bridge over even the smallest creek having been destroyed.

3d100 best of three please