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Imperium of Man Princess Quest

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<span class="mu-i">Sapphire syrup sloshed inside a tall metal pod that hummed in a low pitch. Caressed by the thick liquid, a fetus no more than twenty weeks curled up, held in place by myriads of wires. The Emperor of Mankind and Malcador examined the machine in the deep cellar beneath the Imperial Palace, no one else, not even his trusted custodians.[i/]

“The primarch project is already underway, we have no use for it. You can use it however you wish.” The Emperor said.[i/]

Malcador softly hummed, his robe hid whatever expression he had. “There are many use for it, a buffer perhaps.” He continued hearing The Emperor’s silence. “The primarchs will be brothers and brothers will naturally compete. They will seek your approval as all sons do. She will be a buffer, someone to be impressed and to distract the primarchs of their competitiveness. Someone who appreciates what they do. If she is proven ineffective, then a political tool of convenience.”[i/]

“The primarchs are not children and will be above such emotions. It is inefficient to create this just so my sons can feel appreciated. The primarchs are tools of war.” The Emperor said without a hint of emotion.[i/]

Malcador nodded. “But still human. They will not be an emotionless tool that you want them to be.”[i/]

The Emperor paused for a brief moment, then stared at the pod. The fetus twitched its leg.[i/]

“Begin the procedure. Create her as you see fit.”[i/]</span>