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TMNT General: Perry Nye the Utrom Guy

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>Turtles of Grayskull officially revealed
>NECA Black Friday Event 11-24
>Super7 Ultimates wave 11 revealed and up for pre-order
>Wal-Mart exclusive NECA black and white Last Ronin is in stores
>NECA toon Space Usagi is hitting Targets
>NECA Turtle Van & Sewer Lair Dio shipping now!
>Playmates Mutant Mayhem mutants wave 2, SuperduperFly & more retro repacks (April, Mondo, Ray Filet) hitting stores
>Playmates re-re-releasing the Party Wagon (up for pre-order now)
>Ramen Toys offering up a bootleg Sewer Lair
>Fury Toys Samurai NotDonnie, NotSplinter, & bonus accessory pack supposedly releasing by end of year(?)

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TMNTToys, a useful resource for TMNT toy history -
Necastore -
Super7's Website -


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