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/ctg/ - Coomer Toys General #128

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>/ctg/ - coomer toys general
Wet Dog Smell Edition:
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>Is there a place I can view/post uncensored pics?

>The Rules:
Please censor ALL nipples/genitals before posting images
Don’t kink shame, if it’s not for you, move on
No hotglue pics, it violates the board rules and that is not what we are here for
Ignore obvious trolls, give then no attention
Be respectful, have fun and most importantly post pics!

>Upcoming Releases:
>S.H. Figuarts Yuzuriha (Nov)
>Snail Shell Victoria (Apr 2024)
>Big Firebird Build & Hemoxian Kelly Janet Model Kit (Q4)
>Mowu Technology Asmodeus (TBD)

>Released Recently:
>Sentinel Super Sonico Taimanin Ver.
>Snail Shell White Milk Tea
>Manatee Industry Arina
>Manatee Industry Eimi (blonde variant)
>Snail Shell Shikura & Saori
>Romankey&Cowl Action Figure Girl Body

>/ctg/ Approved figures, bodies, and accessories and where to buy/find them!
As always if you have a suggestion for a /ctg/ figure, please don't hesitate to nominate it!