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The Biggest Tourist/Newfag Filter

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i find the best way to find out if people buy toys for enjoyment or to consoom, is to ask them their thoughts on joint quality. If someone unironically prefers crunchy domestic joints they are a consoomer, have less than 100 toys, or have been in the hobby less than 2 years. Mostly these are crossboard trolls, or people who pretend to be into toys for nerd clout. the people who prefer japanese smooth joints, buy imports on a regular basis, and are buying toys because they genuinely love the art of action figures.

>but has-mcfarlane joints are less breakable
you are 40 years old. are you throwing your toys across your home on a regular basis?

>but muh character selection
so you care more about characters than figure quality. consoomer behavior

>i cant afford imports
one import is two domestics.

you would not believe how successful this method has been for me in determining YT channels I want to watch, accounts online to engage with, and posts to ignore.