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>in Kitakami, pokemon manifest different elemental types or have their base one upgraded, thanks to the area's funny crystals
>in Kitakami, nostalgic legendary pokemon gain power when they remember their friends and experience intense feelings , thanks to the masks' funny crystals
>in Kitakami, frustrated legendary pokemon have their wishes granted by some fucked up fruit of a Glimmora, the pokemon composed of funny crystals
>in Kitakami, people and pokemon are believed to have come back from the death apparently thanks to the pond's funny crystals
>in Kitakami, there's a cryptid actually born in a time period close to the present, that you can study and that once you catch it you see it has a normal species name with a normal category and ability, all with apparent zero relation to funny crystals
Timetravelbros, why does Kitakami ignore us so hard? Didn't GF know time travel is the theme of the game???