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Does Paldea have the most forgettable gym leader?

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No one ever talks about Manectric.
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Mikan Monday

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New Jasmine thread, to start off, here´s the figure I got that arrived a little over a week ago
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Sneasler's the sneaslest
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This has to be one of the near perfect evolutionary lines in a very long time.
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Indigo Disk Leaks

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All the new Pokemon's stats, all the new moves, some returning legendaries, and some of the story have leaked
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sometimes, I think of a pokemon that, by all means, should have NO porn of it whatsoever due to its distinct lack of breedability, then I look up porn of that pokemon just to see if anything quirky is on the stove.

found this, and gave my commentary.

> captcha: ~=0WWRW R

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No one ever talks about Phione.
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the Fairy Fucker 9000
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/ll/ - Lillie General

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SM 7th Anniversary Edition

I can't believe it's been this long since we've had the pleasure of traveling Alola with this cutie, but this time of year is nice since we get so much nice new art.

What are your hopes for her moving forward? How is your Lillie shrine progressing? Let's discuss Lillie!
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