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/ef/ - Eevee Friday

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Crashing this plane Edition

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Orre... home..
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/pmdg/: Napping edition

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Come here for talk about all things Pokemon Mystery Dungeon.

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>Best town?
>Would you play the level 1 dungeons?
>Favorite scene of your favorite pmd game?
>Which non-legendary pokemon can be a main villain?
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>2024 in just 4 weeks
>nobody remembers how a /VP/ janny tried to rape a child in exchange for a BaB Pikachu plushie back in January

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>b-but I just want to save time!
Stop cheating.
>b-but I am too lazy to play fairly!
Stop cheating.
>b-but the game makes it too hard despite having 7 billion QoL improvements to help me!
Stop cheating.
>b-but no one will notice!
If I kill someone without anyone noticing, does that make it okay?
>b-but you're probably bad at the game!
Stop cheating.
>b-but my friend gave this to me so I don't know if it was injected!
You stop cheating. Him stop cheating.
>b-but I got it from an egg from a hacked pokemon!
Stop cheating,
>b-but you shouldn't care if I cheat or not
Stop cheating.
>b-but I got this fair and square! I-I just happened to be at a 2009 event and got something that has only a 1/750384 chance in appearing!
Stop cheating.
>b-but you're acting like Versify!
If a retard correctly calls you retarded, then that probably means you're even more retarded than the retard.
>b-but judges let me do it!
Stop cheating.
>b-but *buzzword buzzword buzzword*
Stop cheating.
>b-but you can't act holier-than-thou! Y-You're just some random shitposter on the internet!
Stop cheating.
Stop cheating.
>Y-You will never be a woman!
Stop cheating.
>D-Do you want to ban like 80% of good VGC players?! Because they're all cheaters!
Yes. they need to be reeducated and reconditioned into better members of people. Moral corruption will never be tolerated in a just society
>N-No that's not fair!
Stop cheating.
No more excuses. Stop cheating.
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Landorus at home
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Why is the vendor closing his eyes?
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Oh God Why

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Stop what you're doing and look at this Marnie!