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>panders to trannies
>panders to fujos/fangirls
>panders to weebs
>panders to furfags
>panders to vtubefags
When you really think about it, it makes perfect sense that this franchise continues to sell so well despite its quality getting consistently worse, considering how it panders to some of the absolute worst groups of people you can find on the internet.

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Those guys are the only hisuian mons that survive until modern day without having to evolve into a new regional form (like Ursaluna did).
Say something nice about them
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Trainer Thread - Elusive Romantic Partners edition

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Post your trainer's current look, style, and any pokemon they have a deep connection with!

Previous Thread
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Containment Thread - /de3/ - DALL-E 3 - /sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General:

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Pikachu if he real
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Husbando thread

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Stinky stinky smelly smelly edition

What does he smell like?


(i didn't have any proper pics)
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I love my fighting mouse
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Dirty fucking thieves.
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cute thread
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