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Lillie Laturday

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Why the fuck did the Lillie thread get pruned? It was nowhere near bump limit or close falling off the catalog. The jannies can't deny us a thread about best girl.

Husbando thread

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Stinky stinky smelly smelly edition

What does he smell like?


(i didn't have any proper pics)
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Gloria Thread

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Would ye shag this slag or are ye a feckin' fag?
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Dare I say it, /ourgirl/?
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Early Full Moon Edition

What is Pokémon Sleep?
Pokémon Sleep is a sleep tracking app that utilizes your smartphone and/or the Pokémon Go Plus + device to record data as you sleep. In doing so, you'll be able to meet a variety of Pokémon and fill out your Sleep Style Dex.

>How do Shinies work?
If you encounter a shiny Pokémon you only need to feed it a single biscuit in order to befriend it.
>Can I play this game if there's a lot of noise where I sleep?
The game tracks sleep based on motion only; sound has no impact.
>A Pokémon I fed got full! Will I have to start from scratch the next time I find one?
Nope! Pokémon will retain the level of fullness they were at the last time you fed them.

>Pokémon Website Page
>Team/Strength Calculator
>Simple Calculator for rating Pokémon
>Simple Candy Calculator

**Back up your account by linking it to Google or Facebook. If you change phones, or factory reset, your account may be lost otherwise. At the very least copy your Support ID on the first Pokémon Sleep screen (click to reveal Support ID under menu)**

Be sure to post your Research ID so that you can add and share candy with fellow Anons. We are currently locked to having a total of only fifty friends but hopefully this will change in the future.

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Based Gengar
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/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General

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Gen3OU playcount

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/pcg/ Pokeclicker general

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New update including Orre, gigantamax, bug catching contests, and more!
That means the thread won't die, right?

>What is it?
Pokéclicker is an open-source game built around the story and content of the Pokémon games. This is an idle & clicker type game that is currently in beta release.

A modified version of Pokeclicker that features QoL changes from the original, including new shortcuts,Gen 3+ berries being available in dungeons, and some egg-exclusive pokemon being available through other means.


>CODES - Official
Start Menu > Save > Enter Code
Free shiny
10,000 Farm Points and 100 Cheri Berries
Refund all vitamins (only once)

>CODES - Crobat
Awards a Rotom (Crobat)
Awards Surfing Pikachu
Awards Unown C
Awards Unown R
Awards Unown O
Awards Unown B
Awards Unown A
Awards Unown T

>Encounter tables, best places to gem/EV farm
>Various forecasts
>Check your save for missing pokemon
>Berry Walkthrough
>Shard location guide
>drchia’s Vitamin sheet
>Vitamin Applier (paste in console) (embed)
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Generate 1 Pokémon. It will now try to rape you to death.
Will you survive, or just perish with(out) dignity?
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