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I really want to see this guy get hurt and abused.
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What the hell does Serena see in Ash?

She's completely out of his league
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>Obnoxiously hate Poke'fuckers
>Larp as a PKMN that's pure sexo
Was the Verilyfag just trolling of actually was indeed that much of a retarded moraltroon without any sense of irony?
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>panders to trannies
>panders to fujos/fangirls
>panders to weebs
>panders to furfags
>panders to vtubefags
When you really think about it, it makes perfect sense that this franchise continues to sell so well despite its quality getting consistently worse, considering how it panders to some of the absolute worst groups of people you can find on the internet.
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The Protean Trio

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Why were they so blessed?
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You ARE still getting your daily mystery gift in all the Gen 4 and 5 games still from the DNS exploit, right anon? Reminder that in a few months Bank will be shut down and these rare event Mons will be lost forever.
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/ef/ - Eevee Friday

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Eevee Jet Edition. Have you taken the flight to Tokyo Haneda yet?
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So does this count as a Unovan evolution?
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Legendaries that not listed

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- Mewtwo
- Regirock
- Regice
- Registeel
- Uxie
- Mesprit
- Azelf
- Dialga
- Palkia
- Heatran
- Regigigas
- Giratina
- Cresselia
- Tornadus
- Thundurus
- Landorus
- Xerneas
- Yveltal
- Zygarde
- Type: Null
- Tapu Koko
- Tapu Lele
- Tapu Bulu
- Tapu Fini
- All Ultra Beasts
- Zacian
- Zamazenta
- Eternatus
- Regieleki
- Regidrago
- Calyrex
- Enamorus