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/tcc/ - Trading Card Collector's General

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Rescue Friends Edition

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I miss him. I miss him blasting Team Rocket away. I miss memeing his losses in the League. I miss his revolving door of cute co-leads and bland male companion. I miss his unevolved shitmon team. I miss him celebrating a gym badge earned. I miss Satoshi.
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Husbando General

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>Discuss husbando
>Worship husbando
>Bully husbando
>Post art, headcanons, greentext

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Husbandos birthday is coming up, what are you getting him? How do you plan to spend the day? Does he like his birthday or does he try to pretend it doesn't exist?
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Does birth control exist in the Pokemon world
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Why were those so few trainer classes in sv ?
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PokeGoddess Thread III: Sonia's human wallet edition

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Kneel. Worship. Obey.

Take the quiz to see what Goddess you get:
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Why does Pokemon dominate its genre?

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Why does Pokemon totally dominate the collectable monster genre? Was it already dominant in Japan before being released in the west (Japanese Pokemania?), or is it mostly a product of being the first to the global market? Was it more nebulous, like the mix of cute and cool monsters adding wider appeal than Tamagochi's focus mainly on cute or Digimon's focus mainly on cool? Was it because it hit so many markets so fast? (Game, Anime, Manga, Card Game, Toys, etc.)
Why do modern attempts to make a rival generally fail? Do they all have fatal flaws, or is it just too big a hill to climb to overthrow a series that has been dominant since the 1990s?

Standard explanations for the success of Pokemon seem to basically be: It was released and it was good, so it became a mega-hit. But that seems like too easy an explanation: Lots of games are released, are good, and become mega hits. Few become a mega-phenomenon the way Pokemon did with Pokemania, and even fewer totally dominate their genre for 30 years the way Pokemon does.
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What's your Pokeautism trait? For me I play as a girl in every game except FRLG because I started with OG Red so Red is my canonical avatar.
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Thoughts on the GSC Misty design?

Anime characters often have pretty similar faces to each other and are kind of defined by their hair and clothing. Because of this, I’ve always felt like this Misty seems like her own mom or older sister rather than Misty herself.