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What's next for cult wrestler Von Wagner?
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/Marigold/ General

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Next shows:
>6/23 Shinkiba (Live @ 6:00PM JST)
>6/29 Sendai (VOD)
>6/30 Miyako (VOD)
>7/6 Osaka 176BOX (VOD)
>7/7 Niigata (VOD)
>7/13 "Marigold Summer Destiny 2024", Ryogoku Kokugikan, Tokyo (PPV @ 2:30 PM JST

Watch on Wrestle Universe (¥1,298 per month)


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Im unironically actually starting to believe Eric

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So lemee get this straight, According to Brad Seigal what really killed WCW was the Board of Directors just coming to the conclusion that after that 83 weeks was up the viewing public had it the highest peak of wrestling and how overtime the attitude era was gfonna start cooling off and public demand for wrestling was gonna crater because it didnt generate bajillions of dollars in profits the way any other product on television could since Wrestling doesnt catagorize itself as neither sport nor sitcom so it cant take advantage of either? How the fuck does this justify anything?

>Be Eric Bischoff
>Luck yourself into getting 83 consecutive weeks of television that does high ratings but doesnt give you any return dividends in profit thru advertising
>All of the advertising that was specifically for the benefit of WCW was going into WCW's pockets but none of that was going into the pockets of Turner who felt like since that show was on their cable station they wanted a large cut of profit
>Spend obscene amounts of Turner's money which makes Ted's BoD's furious
>BoD's dont give a shit how successful WCW is they want that Timeslot for something they own in its entirety for them to ptofit off of
>Start complaining to Eric how they want the brand itself to generate the revenue but not the talent holding the brand together. Basically asking something impossible from Eric
>Put Russo in charge specifically for that original goal only for the BoD's to just give up on that concept entirely and go back to normalacy because they'd rather the company just remain steady and profitable
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Looks like a small package came in the mail today, /pw/.
It’s soft like some kind of apparel.
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Being in AEW for too long, can turn anyone retarded.
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