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Watch on Wrestle Universe - 900 yen per month

10.9 Wrestle Princess IV @ Tama Mirai Messe, Tokyo (LIVE)
10.15 TJPW Go Girl 4 @ Club eX - Shinigawa Prince Hotel, Tokyo (VOD)
10.15 TJPW CITY CIRCUIT '23 ~Shinagawa Performance~ @ Club eX - Shinigawa Prince Hotel, Tokyo (VOD)
10.20 TJPW CITY CIRCUIT '23 ~ Endo Arisu Local Triumphal Return Performance ~ @ Aizuwakamatsu City Cultural Center, Fukushima (VOD)
10.21 TJPW CITY CIRCUIT '23 ~Re-landing in Sendai~ @
Yume Messe Miyagi West Building Hall (Sendai City), Myagi (VOD)
10.27 All Rise '23 @ Korakuen Hall, Tokyo (LIVE)

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Matt Harry is such a carny he willing to work with the man who kek him!

We are in dangerous times uce, Edge hates WWE now

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>Sign a big name from WWE
>His first match is against a giant shitter in a halloween mask
kek what the fuck?
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How long will it be before one of the retards on Tony's roster drops Edge on his neck?
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Any other E-chads feel absolutely sick right now? I can't even begin to describe the amount of hurt I feel. Hearing Edge's WWE music hit and watching him walking out that AEW entrance, Tony Khan's show, was like a punch in the gut. Absolutely no loyalty. Like seeing your high school crush kiss another guy. I want to throw up.

Anyways, use this thread to vent. Maybe we can make each other feel better and get our minds off this betrayal.
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Hey anons I bring you some positivity
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literally no one talking about No Mercy, Smackdown or Raw tonight

Will Tony book this spot again

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Won't be surprised ngl

and theres the sawdust

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