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/btg/ - bike tire general

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ITT: discuss bike tires
>just got first rear flat 3,000 miles after installing new tire a year ago in may 2023
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>bought a new bike
>got stolen in the next day
How do you deal with bike theft? I don't want to ride those ugly ass scooters or euc's
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Is it normal for pilots to experience impostor syndrome

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I’m a pilot doing aerial work and approaching 1000 hours and I’m about to apply to a company, I have all my licenses and rating’s however since I graduated, I’ve only been flying VFR since there’s no ifr operations (even if I consider myself to be very good, If not better in IFR) but still tho, it’s been a year. Anyway, I feel like my knowledge in aviation has gone so low, like I feel like idk what I am doing but when I open the aviation books, I instantly know the answer. Like do you get it? If someone or an exam asks me, I’ll know the answer but otherwise I’ll be lost. Also are there any airline pilots that can tell me if the airlines train you well in terms of their operations and their IFR procedures and is it normal that 70% of the stuff I’ve studied in aviation, it doesn’t apply in real life. (For example I used to know the entire FAR AND CAR AIM by heart, now I know like 30-60% )
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/bqg/ - Bike Questions General

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Do you wave to other riders?
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>hit an air pocket and dropped 6000ft in seconds


Grim way to go, didn't know this kind of thing could happen
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/drt/ - Daily Ride Thread

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Performance enhancing drugs edition

Old >>1972124
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Maglev Trains

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Why aren't they move prevalent in this day and age? They were supposed to be the future of rail transport, yet there are only 6 operational maglev lines - mostly in China and Japan.
>capable of high speed travel
>suited for long distances
>much less polluting than air travel
There could easily be a coast to coast maglev network in the US
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/UPG/- Urban Planning General

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New Apartments Edition

Discuss transportation, zoning and walkability improvements in your city or nationwide.
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what's your favourite air disaster?
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