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How realistic was the train? Is it possible to create a train that can run continuously without any contact with the outside world for nearly 2 decades?
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Vintage steam railway photo dump

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Happy 20th Birthday 4chan. I traveled to Fremont, CA to meet up with some dear friends and family and found out that the the Niles Canyon Railway was doing a steam excursion to commemorate the Bronco Billy Film Festival where they were showcasing silent-era films that were shot in Bay Area at the turn of the century so I booked a last-minute ride aboard it.

Will dump my album and go over some history of the railroad and its equipment below.
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I just realized I need a helmet.
I've lost couple of pounds (due to food poisoning) and e-scooter suddenly started doing wheelies, and I thought about it... It is just a matter of time before i land on the back of my head and leave brain juice on the curb, and city will fine me for littering which i dont want.

What kind of things i've to look for? I think biggest danger is that back flip can be accelerated, and fact that on e-scooter head is much higher off the ground than on a bicycle.
Top speed is not much, around 30 kmh or so, but that doesn't really matter unless you slide off in the corner and hit a curb or smth.
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Grease monkey bros, gimme the lowdown on grease.
I have some motorex bike grease 2000 I'm running out of, and progold epx cycle grease bellows bottle, which is so hard to squeeze out, everytime i fear it'll burst out.
motorex white grease?
hardware store guy recommended 3in1 lithium (apparently wd40 low-cost brand)
what should I be looking for, for bike bearings grease?
inb4 ky etc.
pic somewhat related

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What will be the next big cycling gimmick that gets the Freds maxing out their credit cards? 173mm crank arms?
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/bqg/ ― Bike Questions General

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Fyxation edition

Park Tool

Sheldon Brown's Bicycle Technical Information

RJ the Bike Guy

Previous thread: >>1949487
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escooter ebike repair thread

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Is it so fucking hard for chinks NOT TO install shitty BMS that don't balance cells? It is just idk, 0.1 US dolla difference?
Also, why did they even lie? It says 10 AH on the battery heatshrink, while in reality it is 7.8 AH.

That $0.1 saved resulted in 4.22 - 3.85 V disbalance in cells. No fucking wonder it did only like 12 km.
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I have a few questions as a non-Dutch person.
No idea why, but my feed constantly gets spammed with Urban planners.
> 1. Is this guy for real? Or is he paid for by the Dutch government to promote the country?
> 2. Is the country really that good?
> 3. Is these videos true or just marketing and lies?

I just watched the following video and thought: So what! Most countries have this. This is nothing special
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/bbg/ - Bike Buying General

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Shady listing edition.

Post here for recommendations on a bicycle purchase. Useful tips: include your height, weight, intended riding and budget. Details and a picture are always best.
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Bike to E-Bike conversion

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Are E-Bike conversion kits worth it? Bought myself a nice normal bike (belt drive) a few months ago but now I moved to very hilly city (imagine like San Fransisco) where a normal bike is a pain in the ass.

What options do I have? I couldn't find any conversion kits that work with belt drives.
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