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is it mental illness?

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Blimp Train

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Is it the blimp trains time to shine?
Could this be used to get Ukraine grain to the rest of europe?

They have different rail gauge between rooskie and EU tracks but blimp can be handed off with out even slowing down

THIS CAN WORK???!!!!!!!

Now Im on the edge of something
Wondering bout the blimp train
ooooohhhhaaaaa eeeeeaaaaahhhooooaaaa
Talking bout the blimp train
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/n/ approved Video Games? THREAD

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I'll start!! One of my favourite PS1 Games, Densha De Go, is an absolute trainautist classic!! you can choose between 4 Japanese Train Lines and drive them while you need to arrive correctly at the station, so everyone can get into the train and also on time! it's so fun :D
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/pybt/ - post your bike thread

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current thread got nuked edition.
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Why are tricycles the superior mode of transportation?
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John Forester did nothing wrong

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It disgusts me how today's so-called "cycling activists" are doing the work of the automotive lobby while thinking that they're the good guys.

Imagine if a bunch of politicians started pushing for a special residential area for a certain group, after having them habitually assaulted with weapons for many years. "We're terribly sorry about all the bloodshed but can't guarantee your safety, if you want to be safe, you have to go in this special place we designated for you".

That is what bike lanes are. We've tried "separate but equal". It doesn't work, because tyranny of the majority means a highly flexible definition of "equal".

People who have been riding bikes for many decades know what the game is. But zoomers and corona cyclists believe they know best. Instead of demanding justice, they demand segregation. Which is exactly what the automotive supremacists want.
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/UPG/- Urban Planning General

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/bqg/ - Bike Questions General

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/bbg/ Bike Buying General

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Celebrities riding bikes edition

Post here for recommendations on a bicycle purchase. Useful tips: include your height, weight, intended riding and budget. Details and a picture are always best.
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North American passenger rail

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General thread to discuss passenger rail in North America
Recent Headlines:
>Amtrak applies for grants to improve long distance routes (incl. daily cardinal and sunset limited, returning sunset limited to phoenix, adding branch of crescent that runs meridian-jackson-shreveport-dallas)
>Amtrak applies for grants to improve NEC
>MTA spending over $100 mil on PSDs at three stations
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