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Rei Ayanami Thread #214

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Mit uns zieht die neue Zeit.

For posterity and in case things like reverse image search do not work, give due credit to those who create Rei's images by indicating author and/or source if known.

Discussion always welcome, but offer an image, if available.

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Asuka Thread #213

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Beautiful redhead goddess

Continuation of >>4303073
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the best drunk :3
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Ann Takamaki & Shiho Suzui / 高巻杏と鈴井志帆 Thread

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Tomboy Thread

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Arima Kana #5

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Kemono Thread #87

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Tifa Lockhart (ティファ・ロックハート)

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Tifa Lockhart Thread LX - Rebirth Edition

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Seasonal Anime girls

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I thought this might be a nice idea. Post girls from the current anime season that don't have a specific thread for them.
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Strike Witches

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Winter time, golly spell of snow and festivities to enjoy with a hot drink in hand.

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