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Why is Emerald so unforgivingly bad

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Is Nate the worst male protag?
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/dg/ - Dawn General

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Akari Saves the Thread Again Edition

The general for all things Dawn/Hikari/Akari/Platinum/Mitsumi.

>Dawn Visual Novel by Anon
>VN Extra

>Dawn Screencaps and Scans

>Diamond & Pearl CD Music Rips

>Additional OC (High Touch! TL, A Dawning Duet)

>[DawnSubs] DP001 & 002

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Dare I say it, /ourgirl/?
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Metagross is one of the coolest pokemon but i gotta admit its backsprite on debut leaves a bit to be desired...
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>playing through legends Arceus
>having a good time exploring my favorite Pokémon region from my childhood
>enter the second map of the game
>stumble upon this thing
drop. who tought it was a good idea to break the player immersion by putting nugen shitmons in what supposed to be sinnoh? I can tolerate that ugly kid with the cowboy hat from unova but not this.
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Persian used bite!
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Those guys are the only hisuian mons that survive until modern day without having to evolve into a new regional form (like Ursaluna did).
Say something nice about them
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