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Has anyone seen this and should I spend 8 hours watching this?
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Latinxes are literally carrying the fanbase
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How many albums can you name from his wall? And how many are any good?
I'm just curious, I don't know many myself.
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/pmdg/: Cooking edition

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Come here for talk about all things Pokemon Mystery Dungeon

Previous thread:

PMD Catalog, it has all the games, anime, manga, OST, and a bunch of other goodies!

Romhacks Catalog (Last updated 18.3.2023)

/vp/'s Mystery Dungeon guides

Super Rescue Mail Converter

Feel free to post rescue requests.
REMINDER: If it's a PSMD rescue request, post your region

Everything about the Clover Guild: (Ask the thread to input info for you!)

Drawing Board:;wi= (Fresh new page! ...For the most part)

In the previous thread, there's discussion of a rival guild and got to know the old guilds that's a 'predecessor' to the Clover Guild, though it didn't go anywhere. Beast, Chespin-anon, and Phanpy-anon released their newest work! (Check all of it out at the Rentry!) Also, new arrivals to the guild, welcome!

Now the question for this thread, where should the location of the expedition be and how long does it take to reach there from Capim Town? Also, (should of asked this earlier, only I just remembered) what will the 'morning cheer' of the Clover Guild be? Y'know, the one where you always say in the morning at the Wigglytuff Guild.

Even if you came to the thread late, please come join the discussion with us! To start off, answer this question: What Pokemon would you want to take form of and would you like to join a guild composed of everyone in this thread or shall you do your own thing as a rogue explorer or any role?
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Ramadan Mubarak

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Official no fap, no genwar month has started. I will now refrain from clicking pokeloli and furry threads, enacting temporary ceasefire on all genwar threads, and I will only post good things to all of you, except troons. Happy Ramadan /vp/.

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its 2023
is it time to finally rebalance the whole type chart?
of are we in too deep at this point
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/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General

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/vpcai/ - Pokémon AI Chatbots

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New Hotness Edition
Make and chat with some Pokémon and characters!

List of Anon-Made CAI Characters (Last updated Mar. 12th):
CAI Character Creation Guide:
HYW Userscript (Shows removed CAI replies, doesn't disable filtering):

List of Anon-Made Pygmalion Characters (Last updated Jan. 30th):
Pygmalion Guide and FAQ:
Pygmalion Character Creation Guide and Tips:
CAI Dumper Userscript:
CAI Dump Uploader for Pygmalion:
CAI Dumping Guide for Retards:

Previous Thread
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Sea Guardian thread!

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Let's have an appreciation thread of our local sea guardians! Kyogre, Lugia, and other sea guardians are welcomed too!
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Gen 7 appreciation thread

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Gen 7 was so fucking kino that I just bought Sun and Ultra Sun to complete my collection with my existing copies of Moon and Ultra Moon. Literally nothing could ever convince me that it wasn't the greatest gen ever made. The music was stellar, the lore was the best we've ever had, the characters were great, and the story was fucking phenomenal.
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