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/padt/ - Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread

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Phantom Thief Iono Edition

>Livestream link (Fridays @ 9:55 AM UTC):

>Latest episode:

Next episode:
>June 21st: PM2023 055 - Showdown! The Paldea Elite Four

Future episodes:
>June 28th: PM2023 056 - Liko VS Chili! Beyond the Battle

>Previous episodes:

>OS-JN filler guide:

>Web series, specials, and audio dramas subs and links:


>Music, manga, and more:

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>is 25 percent female
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Leafeon Day!

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Time to plant the seed for a Leafeon thread in celebration. Nurture the thread and help it grow by sharing your favorite Leafeon art and discussing what you love about Leafeon!
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it's time to remake pokemon red/blue for the switch/2.

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uhhh bdshitpiss sisters?? what the FUCK is this
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Hex is so adorable!
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PokeMMO General

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Hoenn Summer Adventure Edition
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Manaphy Egg Edition

>What is PokéRogue?
A Pokémon-themed dungeon crawler filled with gacha-brained mechanics.

>How do I play?
It's a browser game, if you're too retarded to download the client just play on the website.

^Fake offline client, play using this. You can eventually export your save to other custom servers. You will reduce server stress by having the assets downloaded. Make sure to actually run the .bat so the assets aren't streamed.


Pokedex and move database, requires download

>Endless Rushing for dummies

>DNA Splicers for dummies
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Goh / Gou / Go Thread #40

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Goh holds the future in the palm of his hand Edition

It's Goh time! Let's go again with a new thread about Goh! Talk about his Pokemon, his dream, his ships, and of course, Goh himself!

>Voting Questions for Goh fans coming into this thread
1. Are you a boy or a girl?
Cast your vote in this link:

2. What age should Goh be if he makes a return in Horizons?
Cast your vote in this link:

3. What would have been better for PM2023?
Cast your vote in this link:

>Goh's VAs name list appearing in Pokemon Horizons as Roy's Fuecoco & Rotomphones so far
1. Daiki Yamashita (Original)
2. Zeno Robinson (English dub)
3. Jon Samaniego (Spanish dub)
4. Tobias John von Freyend (German dub)
5. Pierre Le Bec (French dub)

>List of Goh's caught Pokemon

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Because the new Legends will have fewer Pokemon, it is your duty to improve the confirmed shitmons, but only with one change, it can be a new move, a new ability, or a change in a statistic.
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