Domain changed to . Feb 14-25 still awaits import.

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How do I search exactly "/general/" (with the slashes) and not have "general" appear in the result?

Feature Idea

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Make it so we can create copies of threads in which we can moderate/delete posts. The reason why I'm asking for this is because sometimes I would like to share archived threads, but remove shitposts and NSFW images.
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When are nerds going archive /cm/?
I'm asking this since Fireden went kaput since late spring and you guys have archived /c/

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Hiroyukiland is a shithole imageboard


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Will full_image redirection for 16-digit timestamps ever be implemented? It works if the timestamp is truncated to 13 digits, but that still prevents embedding images attached to deleted posts with 4chanX among other things.

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is there any chance you can add the top 200 image reposts stats?
nyafuu had them.

Is there a way to search for [en] tags in the archive?

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I was trying to find posts quoting livetls, which often start with [en], but I can't just search that in the box, since the [] characters get ignored. I tried putting the line in quotes and that didn't work, as well as some of the common special characters with no luck there either. Am I missing a trick to make it work?

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ur archive is great

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cob in the 'chive
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So what happened to the wakarimasen archive?

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So what happen to the /bant/ images?