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QTG: Things are Heating Up Edition

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Welcome to /qtg/, a place to talk about quests.
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>What is a quest?
An interactive story in which a Quest Master (QM) writes and provides the readers with options on how to proceed — similar to a choose-your-own-adventure book or an old text adventure

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Only the thread's OP can format. Note that should the OP change ID, they will lose this ability as well.
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>Formatting guide for everyone:
Dice (type this in “options”): dice + [no. of dice]d[no. of sides on the dice] (optionally you can add modifiers: dice + [no. of dice]d[no. of sides on the dice]+[modifier]; for a negative modifier type: +-[modifier]

Examples: dice+1d100 = a 1d100 roll, dice+1d100+10 = a 1d100 roll with a +10 modifier.

Spoiler: spoiler or by pressing alt+s in-thread

>QM question:
What's something you wish your players would stop doing? What's something you wish your players would start doing?

>Player question:
What's are some behaviors that other quest players exhibit that make you not want to read a quest anymore? Do you ever hide posts you don't like?

>General question:
Do you partake in questing when you have an abundance of free time, or does having a time crunch help motivate you?

>Lurker question:
You don't have to vote to post in a quest, why not partake in in-quest discussion more? Or even start some?
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Local Lord Quest XII

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Salutations noble sirs and fair ladies, the time has passed and spring came since the last update of our adventures but I finally came back on my white destrier. We will continue to follow the adventures of our brave Charles de Villeroi, a noble frenchman of the late XIIIth century transported by foul magic or God's will into the kingdom of Bifuria who is obviously in India as the presence of dragons and many gods can attest. The last time you learned that a Guelph had to be your new baron and you were visiting the garden of the castle of Pleasantville, castle of Count Careless the liege lord of your liege lord, with his second son, Isnott Careless, a strange young man who read books instead of waging war and your lovely Lady Rose Takable, your fiancée.

For those of our bannermen who spent too much time carousing and tourneying for following our adventures I shall give you the links to the first threads. They will see how our right and proper feudal society is growing in India with the help of God almighty and the swords and axes of the frankish chivalry.

>> thread 1
>> thread 2
>> thread 3
>> thread 4
>> thread 5
>> thread 6
>> thread 7
>> thread 8
>> thread 9
>> thread 10
>> thread 11

As per custom, since customs are everything, we shall begin with a small prologue who, contrary to custom will be not at the same time as your adventures but several days before. Since, if you remember, you sent the beautiful and zealous Elana, the assassin girl that tried to kill you but converted to the True Faith after a miracle, and the far less zealous and beautiful but more crafty Ancel le Purineur, your experienced scout and tracker, to free Bohémond, your knight, your guardsmen, and the handmaiden of Lady Takable from the clutches of the troops still loyal to the old baron at someplace.
I wanted originally to write the prologue with the point of view of Ancel but after some thoughts I decided that doing it from the point of view of Elana would be more amusing.

But enough words, let us enjoy our adventure !
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Supreme Space Monke Ruler Quest 11

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You are <span class="mu-s">Hass Takar</span>, the <span class="mu-s">Supreme Ruler</span> of the <span class="mu-s">Hegemony</span>. It is the <span class="mu-s">Year 102 of the Resurrection Era</span>. You now stand on <span class="mu-s">Jaxt</span>, the home planet of your empire, the <span class="mu-s">Hegemony</span>. Standing before you are about a hundred Jaxtians, some of the best and brightest in the empire, who look at you bright eyed and expectant.

You raise your hand and backing music begins to play. Without skipping a beat, the Jaxtians raise their voices, and join to sing your Anthem.
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Tai Lung Quest 36

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You politely listen to you friend's concerns. Given all that the two of you have been through you found their fears to be valid although Xin Lan was never one to exaggerate or dance around the point when they were serious. A trait that only served to punctuate what they said as they didn't hide it within a joke or a tease. "Xin, I don't intend to use magic or even want you to attempt to remember what was done to you." You stroke your chin as think about how best to explain your intent. "I don't want to completely cut my emotions out. Hmm..." You pause again. "This new style is supposed to be empathetic. To truly understand their suffering or anger. To that extent I need to be able to ignore everything else. Any anger I have towards them, or fear, or perhaps even doubt. If wanted to use this style then I can't be angry if they're holding you, Ming, or Ren hostage. You're the best at doing that sort of thing and given that you can do it at will, I was hoping you can teach me."

"It seems rather limiting. I mean the reason you're fighting someone is because you're angry at them." Xin Lan points out. "Do you really think you can empathize with say...the guy who destroyed the Library?" You go quiet. You weren't sure about that. You did defeat the ones who were behind that atrocity and even let them live but you couldn't say you did it because you felt bad for them. You're not sure if you could do the same for whoever sent the order out.

"Well, I suppose for now I'd try to use it against those who are simply lost. People who are simply lashing out. I think it's at least worth learning for purpose. Someone who doesn't really want to hurt others but they think they have no other option isn't the same as say a bandit or raider who sees themselves above morality." You explain. Xin Lan might have a point but you'd be glad if you could use it to pacify innocent people at least. Xin Lan tilts their head.

"There's plenty of styles for that. Or you can just hit their Chi points like you always do." They point out.

"Yes, but there's the challenge of it. It's like...writing a whole new story. Or discovering a new medicine. Right now, it's less about it's use but more about making it. We might never find it's true potential but now it <span class="mu-i">exists</span>. Someone else can find it, learn it, and take it to new heights I could never dream of. Just thinking of that...I think it makes it worth it." You eagerly. Xin Lan let's out a sigh before moving to lay on their back with a bit of a struggle.

"You're being weird." They say and you take their tone to indicate they had be placated and their worries assuaged.

"I can't help it." You say. "So can you help?"

"I dunno..." They admit. "You're asking for something weird. To not feel and feel at the same time. You know I don't work like that right?"

"Well then let's just start with not feeling things then. We can work in the other part later. Small steps."
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A Quiet Village

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You arrive in Elder Hollow under the weight of an overcast sky, the chill of early autumn clinging to the folds of your coat. The narrow road that led you here vanishes behind as the village reveals itself, quaint cottages and ivy-clad walls whispering of an England long forgotten. As an outsider from London, your arrival is met with curious, if not wary, glances from the locals who linger by the road, their eyes shadowed beneath the brim of worn hats. You sense their scrutiny like the touch of cold fingers down your spine. This place, with its thatched roofs and silent, watchful inhabitants, clings fiercely to its old ways, and as the village elder approaches with a guarded smile, you can’t help but wonder what secrets are sown into the fertile soil of Elder Hollow.

>Choose backstory:
>Thomas Harrow, a 30-year-old horror novelist seeking solitude and inspiration in Elder Hollow after the tragic death of his wife.
>Jamie Carter, a 15-year-old boy whose family has relocated to Elder Hollow in search of a simpler life away from the city's bustle.
>Daniel and Elizabeth Greene, both 25, newlyweds eager to plant their roots in the rustic grounds of Elder Hollow, far from their urban pasts.
>Ethan Frye, a 50-year-old priest sent to Elder Hollow to reestablish a long-dormant parish in a rural community that holds deeply pagan traditions.
>Henry Mallory, a 45-year-old retired police detective, relocates to Elder Hollow seeking a quiet retirement after a disturbing case.
>Write In
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Warlords of Chaos #2

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In the year 2537, the dreaded hosts of Chaos descended down on the realm of Jekatarina Bokha the Great, the Ice queen of Kislev. The hordes of Kurgan marauders mounted on horses struck upon her majesty’s provinces east of the Goromadny mountains (how the Kislevites call the World Edge mountains) and plundered Zhitozemlye (the Wheatlands, or the farming provinces of her majesty’s realm located in that accursed plain). All my estimates place the initial invasion force at some ten thousand bandits that descended down upon those poor and unfortunate souls and suffered by their wrath, no doubt either killed off or enslaved and dragged off to their dark masters. The invasion happened in two prongs encircling the central hills and lake and plundering and enslaving the northern edges of the colony. It is estimated fifteen thousand souls perished in the raids of that year, with a great cavalry battle occuring in the west of the colony, where a Dolgan chief butchered a great many Ungols.
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Silver Knight Quest

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In this world silver is a cursed colour: the colour of the Adversary. It’s also the colour of your hair. But cursed or not, you are <span class="mu-s">Argia Candente</span>, and you will make Master proud, earn your glory and help your family in your quest to become a true Knight of Ansàrra.

# # # # # #

<span class="mu-i">The horned woman stepped into the huge hall, carved inside the dead tree. She walked from one end to another of the hall, checking on the shelves upon shelves, each of them holding a glowing sphere.</span>

<span class="mu-i">“Hmm, what to do, what to do,” she muttered to herself, rubbing her black horns with her fingertips. Her crimson eyes jotted between the spheres. “I was going to take half a day for myself, and here I am wondering whose story I would like to relive… I should have asked Helias for help.” She shrugged, reaching instinctively for the closest one. She had never been a creature of impulse, but the past six hundred years had taught her a little chaos went a long way.[/I]

The woman picked up the sphere and peeked through it. “The fall of the Purpura bloodline. Hm.” She pursed her lips, and put it back on the shelves, her slender pale hand reaching for the next one. “White Knight Bradiamante…” she smiled this time. She had always been fond of the steadfast girl. But this kind of tale did not really scratch the itch she needed — unless… perhaps another Knight?

She allowed herself a grin as she crossed a whole section of the hall and picked up a certain soul sphere — most of the others swirled with colours, but this one glistened like the purest mercury.

“Ah, yes,” the woman’s vermillion gaze looked fondly at this specific soul. “Argia Candente, the Silver Knight.” She chuckled and pulled the sphere close to her mouth. “And to think I did not even play such a large part in this. For all the good it did to her.”[/I]She parted her lips and bit deep into the soul sphere.</span>
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Void Raider Quest 6

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Previous thread here:

All threads:

In the last thread we convinced Tim to not report our extrajudicial killings, and enthusiastically participated in Pahan-Hys' maturation ceremony. After undergoing uncertified 'medical' procedures, we are now healthy again, if slightly stranger from the experience.
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Heretic Cultivator Quest 23

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Previous chapters:
MC info Pastebin:
Sect/ disciple info Doc:
Beneath the heavens, standing proud as both a heretic and outlawed existence atop the pinacle of the world, you are Huanliuxue (欢流血, Happy Bloodshed/ Happy to Shed Blood), Wild princess and heir to the throne of primordial wilderness, Beast of ill omens and blood moon, the greatest and most majestic house cat ever born, practitioner of the dao of ghosts and grudges, holder of pure blood qi and redeemer of carmine mysticism, Matriarch and Grand Master of the heretical Palace of Natural laws sect palace of natural laws sect (宫殿的野生彝宪, Gōngdiàndīyěshēngyíxiàn), whose rare genius, towering intellect and vast insights served as the foundations of the equally heretical cultivation technique of the Ruler of the Great Wheel's Law(统治者的这重大轮回法律, Tǒngzhìzhědīzhèzhòngdàlúnhuífǎl). And from today after, you're also the sole owner of the divinely crafted catacombs of the forgotten king's army and the bloodless war they waged, after a friendly, near lethal duel with the forgotten king himself, the talkative, inquisitive, and somewhat murderous Aodasheng (Proud Great Sage, 傲大圣), who is the wielder of the demonic tool The spear of mortal death ( 矛的会死死亡 , Máodīhuìsǐsǐwáng).

Who over the course of your battle, cursed you with Specter Starvation (幽灵饥饿, Yōulíngjī'è), a viral curse that afflicts the most monstrous of Jiangshi and hungry ghosts, through the sheer malevolence of his spiritual aura. Though he now serves as your advisor, guardian and friend, the curse of unearthly hunger for life and breath has soured the sweet taste of victory. And you know if you do not cleanse it from you soon, you'll become a living calamity yourself. Fortunately you have a few ideas of how you can cure the curse without soiling your reputation or losing face.

"Specter Starvation? That is a grim legend, and I thought it was only that, a warning for inquisitive and rebellious prodigies from straying from the orthodox arts to experiment with ghostly cultivation" Monu, your beloved adoptive mother gravely mused as she held up a napping Piao Tuzi, while Niu and Mao Yue tied ribbons in her long, unkempt moonrock grey hair "Without a known cure or counter measure, in the stories containing it, it was as good as a death sentence or the origin of monsters who were once immortals or whole cannibal cults of cultivators"

"Well it exists, and Aodasheng threw it against me in our fight, and of all the curses to stick, it was the only one to actually affect my magnificent self" You chuckle, Tuzi squeaking as Monu squeezes her on reflex, while Niu turns a shade paler and Yue...Yue just wasn't paying attention to anything being said.

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Broken Empire New Frontier

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You uncomfortably shift the tie around your neck, the tightness of it is ever greater as it feels like it suffocates you. It is an odd sensation seeing as how you had continuously loosened it up. Still, no one could blame you for your nervousness, after all, the opportunity before you is a rare one indeed, and one that would see many a man drenched in their own cold sweat. Your own wet back makes you think whether or not your actions so far were truly wise or not. After all, every single fraction of your wealth had been expended upon this.

As you walk down the plain grey corridor illuminated by bright white lights, you reach a window, and through it you see your investment. The “Outwards bound”, an older class colonization ship capable of housing a few thousand people and years’ worth of various supplies. The distant stars are quickly swallowed up by the planet coming into view, a jewel in its own right. From all the way up here, you can see how many lights are illuminating the night, how many millions, if not billions live upon the planet. Perhaps you will never witness such a sight yourself of your own world…your own, just that thought brings a smile to your face.

“Sir ?” A young woman’s voice draws your attention. “They are waiting for you, sir.” She smiles at you having clearly arrived to hurry your pace. A pretty enough young woman, though judging by her looks, clearly lacking any visible cybernetics or genemods.

You simply nod and turn to walk ahead. The meeting you are about to attend, never had you felt so much dread, so much fear having to face…

>The Royal Expansion and Colonization Service. It is a rarity for the R.E.C.S. to even consider granting the rights for expansion, much less actually granting them, truly, this is probably a once in a decade opportunity, if you are being optimistic.

<span class="mu-g">+ Official part of the Unbroken Empire</span>
Being officially sanctioned by the Empire means that you can expect protection from the navy and the army. Should great disasters occur within the colony, chances are that nearby systems will send you aid. Establishing trade relations between imperial systems will also be that much easier.

<span class="mu-r">- Official part of the Unbroken Empire</span>
Being officially sanctioned by the Empire also means that most likely your colony shall be subservient to whatever random noble gets granted the rights to your world. It also means that you will be expected to pay your share of taxes and provide your share of manpower and material in cases of war. Not to mention, the politics of the Empire, more specifically the commanding noble, shall have a direct influence upon you in terms of control and regulations. Atop of that, any frontier states and statelets will view you as nothing more than a further extension of the “Tyrants’ reach”.
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