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The Monster Girl Facility #1

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<span class="mu-i">The sun barely shone through the smoke which rose from the earth. Where once sat the centre of a large tropical island with a few small reinforced buildings built into the ground, there are now no signs of visible life. All plant life has been killed, the place looks like a warzone... and there is a crater which is at least a few miles wide and several miles deep. Buried underneath scorched metal and chunks of rubble now rest the remnants of a vast, underground facility... One can even see the remaining underground structures, which are now exposed to the outside world... And in the centre of the crater, sits a large, newly installed structure clearly built to contain something, protected by soldiers...</span>

<span class="mu-i">The thousands of people who worked here are either dead or buried somewhere underneath all of this rubble... they may think their worst day has already past, but things are only going to get worse from here. Far, far worse.</span>


Alpha Copernicus is a mostly oceanic planet with various volcanic islands. One of these small, remote islands hosts the Valulori Research Centre for Monster Girl Subjects (often referred to as simply the Valulori Monster Girl Centre or VMGC). This facility is one of a few known, yet still secretive, research centres for genetic modification run by the government. It has focused on creating monster girls for usage around the galaxy.

Monster girl creation is quite a new sector, one which isn't well known to the public. The main goal of the sector has been to craft efficient and highly intelligent creatures who use a mixture of organic- and nanotech-based to do various tasks. These tasks range from simple menial labour, to more dangerous and high risk tasks in hazardous environments. There have even been confirmed cases of subjects being created for military purposes...

Of course, given how new this sector of genetic modification is, the ethics surrounding monster girl creation has not been addressed very well. What is known about Valulori is that treatment of monster girls in the facility was... acceptable at best and an abuse of basic human rights at worst. Despite that, the government kept sending money and material to the facility to ensure work continued.

Because of the unknowns of the sector, the secrecy and the lack of ethics, it was unsurprising that a disaster like this would eventually occur... Details are sparse, especially given the planet's status as a closed-off research planet. But reports have slipped through the cracks, indicating that a huge blast occurred after a skirmish with a rogue subject. Few have seemed to survive, and the rogue subject has allegedly been terminated. However, due to a classified ability she was designed to have, any and all staff and subjects who are still left in the ruins are now deemed security threats to the government. Death Squads have thus been called in to cleanse the place before rebuilding can be done.
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Humanity - Fuck Yeah! #24

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Your name is David "Gunny" Rockefeller, no relation.
A veteran of the united states marine corps, you find yourself in a far-out situation after an all-too-close encounter of the third kind!

In the last thread you focused on getting Xebric station back into a livable state - starting with it's power issue.
Using a scaled up version of the reactor SHODAN designed for your carrier, you were able to get life support minimally online and prevent the station from freezing over completely.

However, it took a lot more time and effort than you expected, resulting in the development of remotely-piloted machines in the form of B1 droids, for working in harsh conditions.
That allowed you to increase your labor force by making use of people without the constitution to brave mutant attacks, high levels of radiation and freezing temperatures.

You also managed to pull Nena and Chell apart, having found her to be trapped somewhere inside his mind, almost like she was wandering in a fog.
You suspect it was a safety measure put in place by the same people who turned Chell into a cyborg in the first place, but you can't say for certain right now.

With Nena free, you placed her and the other lesser AI on your ship in charge of defending and operating the station in your absence.
Something that was very much necessary, because you're heading back to earth at this very moment.

There's still a lot of work left to do on the station, and you simply can't get it done with just the people you have on hand.

This time on Humanity Fuck Yeah, It's time to recruit some fellow humans.

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>All Threads:
>Google Doc:
>Discord Link:
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Hexaldry: Quiet Tenacity [Skirmish]

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Welcome to the greatest city in the wide world, softsoul. You’ll fit right in - or find yourself flowing down the river.

You are a Mask(ed vigilante) hired on the the Red Market Whisper Trade to fulfill the needs for extrajudicial arbitration. Or put differently - sometimes, someone needs someone else to beat someone third up and you step in to provide the particulars.

Come on, softsoul.
Put on the Mask.
Wrap your hands.
Make a mark on the grand old city. So much is going wrong around here, someone will have to do something about it. It might just have to be you.
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Versequest #2

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In the last thread, you created the universe! This resulted in many events some good, some bad, some ugly. The downfall of tyrannical empires, crucifixions, bizarre court cases, and the infinite misery of children!
And now that you're about to wake up from your long, divine slumber, only more of these events await you...
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you're dreaming about home in a place far from it.
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The 2nd Primarch Quest 31

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Previous Threads:

This is a test. A challenge issued by the remains of an elder hunter's bones, peeking through the forest's grass and loam. A trial given to the mistborn hunter from the behorned veteran of countless celestial chases and pursuits, issued by the last lingering testament and breath of the progenitor of all Aeldari kind. In front of you stands a shade of dead Kurnous, one rack of his majestic antlers snapped off from your last clash with the shadow spun from a dying great spirit's last hopes as he vanished and was snuffed out in the maw of the lilac scaled serpent of fleeting satisfactions and brief delights. A bruise mars his magnificent chest, muscles chiseled as if worked from stone, wrapped with tattoos inked with green pigment indicitive of his status as guardian and groom to nature and plenty itself, as embodied by the mother of the Aeldari, caged Isha.

In his callused hands, he holds two spears, one summoned from the woods spun from the dreams of the spirits of Ulthwe's infinity circuit, and one taken from your own memories and hands, as alike in craftmanship as they are in purpose. And presently both are flying your way, the last in a sequence of relentless thrusts and stabs, as the elder hunter or his memory at least shifts his stance and the grip with which he holds his twin spears, to change their range and the manner of which he stabs at your heart. One approach, he is holding two daggers, the next he is leaning forward extending both of his arms as far as they will go and forcing you to dance swiftly backwards, shifting one foot behind the other as he never allows any distance you make between him and yourself to remain. Relentless but not tireless. His impact to the ground and your dirty trick that allowed you to lift him from the ground and throw him over you back to begin with, have marginally slowed his reactions and hindered the assault that before even you, born blessed and strong even before you wrought your body and further improved it through proper diet and exercise, struggled to keep up with.

Too the crowd of watching seers, prying novices and dreaming dead, it might seem as if you were on the backfoot and at a disadvantage. But while the exertion of fighting the last breath of a great man had wetted your temple with sweat and made your lungs burn to keep your blood pumping and muscles contracting as swiftly as you required to keep pace with the shadow of distant past, you had already decided on your next move.

Every dodge, sidestep and lunge away from his spear, every time you blocked, brushed them away with the back of your hands or deflected and altered their trajectory with a trust of your palm, was purposeful. Every move you took was made to reposition yourself so you could reach down, dodging the latest heart seeking blow by crouching as you knelt down to scoop up a piece of discarded bone.
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Trojan War Quest #3

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Sing, goddess, the glory of Nikandros Hippomedion, who journeys far from home alongside famed companions to entreat Ilion’s sacred citadel. Sing of the wrath of Menelaus, of the folly of Paris, of Zeus’s plan which even now comes to fulfillment…
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Heretic Cultivator Quest 18

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Previous chapters:
16th thread:
MC info Pastebin:
Sect/ disciple info Doc:

You are the miraculous existence known as Huanliuxue (欢流血, Happy Bloodshed/ Happy to Shed Blood), the greatest prodigy beneath the heavens, the guardian and leader of any demonic beast with half a brain, the reigning monarch of all felines, upholder of the rules of nature, possessing boundless talent and potential, and beauty that could catch the eyes of even the loathsome gods you abhor. You are also the founder and first head of the heretical sect of the Palace of natural laws (宫殿的野生彝宪, Gōngdiàndīyěshēngyíxiàn) and foremost amongst the two practitioners of your equally heretical law of cultivation and techniques, the Ruler of the Great Wheel's Law(统治者的这重大轮回法律, Tǒngzhìzhědīzhèzhòngdàlúnhuífǎlǜ).

And you have done some audacious even by feline standards. You've snuck into the nine heavens, finding that when one simply reaches for the stars, the path isn't well guarded or maintained at all. And having taken immediate advantage over the complacency of your most hated of rivals and seeking to satisfy your curiosity of the world were stars fly and what you would become if you to swam in the waters of astral chaos and drank greedily the breath of the cosmos, you ventured forth to investigate the cosmic wilds by sneaking up the celestial courts.

And things were going well, until a god cast out of the heavens for failing to kill you when you attained your human form, shot an arrow you narrowly avoided by obliterated by on the outer edges of the heavens, making you give a yowl of pain that alerted the lazing watchmen of its gates to your presence. But thinking quickly and using some of your more untested and esoteric abilities and powers, as well as your natural good looks and charm, you were able to pass yourself off as a goddess wounded by the terrible Huanliuxue beast.

And things were going well, until your attempts to frighten your wet nosed, still reeking of their mother's milk "Saviors", lead them to flea with your injured form to the palace of the foremost martial deity, and while this did save you the trouble of making your way through most of the nine heavens and kept your deception from being found out, you knew you needed to escape before any divine servant or lord got too close of a look at you and saw through your disguise.

And you had snuck out of that palace without being noticed, and were well on your way to the limits of the skies above even the heavens, when you realized that the unsettling feeling you experienced as you scaled the walls of the martial god's palace, was the spiritual sense of its gate keeper, a scared guardian diety.
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The Adlershorst dynasty quest

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This is a continuation of the settler lord quest, which can be found here:

Link to the pastebin: (Contains the timeline, dramatis personae and other things.)
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Do Your Best Quest #164

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Your memories have flown back to you thanks to the great help of your partner Philonune! The history between you and Vera has become “Shady Hotdog Stand Mayonnaise” clear. And now, you must stop her before she deletes these wonderful memories again!

You’re at your Fan Club’s headquarters, Liu is having a hiccup fit due to Vera’s teasing, and with the cord in her hands, it’s just a matter of seconds before Vera wipes your memories!

<span class="mu-s">What will be the first words you spout with your memories back?!</span>

>“Vera! I remember! I remember everything! Your strange eyes! Your squeaking! Your ratty behavior! Everything! YOU’RE A RAT!” Have the epiphany to stop this!
>“Man, I can’t believe all that only happened because I was gonna complain about all the annoying noise you were making!” Reveal to Vera for the first time.
>“Look! Vera! I can carry you now! I don’t have Noodle arms anymore!” Pick Vera up with gleeful stupidity.
>“Wait, we had SEX?!” Shout without any consideration.
>"How's Cat Lawyer? Where's my precious boy!" You NEED to see him!
>"You know, after re-experiencing all that, how the hell didn't you recognize me through this disguise?" Call her out.
>"Okay, what the hell is up with the hair?!" It's too lame to be magic, but it's impossible enough to be stupid.
>"Just cause I didn't say ‘What's Good™?’ doesn't mean that it isn't my catchphrase! I just hold back to keep it special!" You're still not over this.
>"Vera, I still can't believe it... I STILL CAN'T BELIEVE YOU FOUND OUT WHAT HAPPENED TO MY VAN!" You've got your priorities straight!
>"Hey, didn't you say that you would never hurt me? You attacked me with poor Cat Lawyer!" And totally unjustified you might add.
>"Man, that Alien Guy was so nice. Guess I was right. You should never judge a book by its look." You have selective memory. Also, Wilvy taught you well.
>“I can’t believe I helped progress Man and Kangaroo relations so much.” You’re a hero to both species.
>“I wonder what happened to Carol at the end there…” You saw reality shift! Vera was on fire! Blake was also there! And the MILF Tomatoes! And the Alien! And, uh, others! What an event!
>“Wait, Mama Bodil didn’t receive our message?” Get really sad. You thought she’d be able to find you! Stupid Vera, you should’ve keyed the car…
>“Vera, is Eddie okay?!” Get your priorities REALLY straight.
>“Hold on a moment, the girl at the arcade that my Sorangeda dropped on was Susie! What a loser!” Have a sensible chuckle.
>“I need to have a stern conversation with Sewel! He’s too deep into too much stuff and I can’t ignore it anymore.” Cross your arms. Wait, your memories are still going to be wiped…!
>"I hope Ms. Bombshell did end up spilling hot coffee on him..." It would be funny.
>"Wait, Kangaroo man's friend was Crossbill?!" A fearful alliance between the species…
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