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/crab/ Gaiden

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Comic and random art battles /crab/ Gaiden is the off season thread between the /crab/2 and the /crab/3 tournament, next year.

What do we do here?

We chill and prepare for the third tournament (/crab/3) in the spring/summer of 2024 with art, stories and mini events.

Wanna join? Introduce your character or participate in our colab story (Burgerman). Some crabs that participated in /crab/2 continue their character's story even after the previous tourney is over is over

What is /crab/?

We are setting up a Wiki atm, but long story short: Comics and random art battles is an annual multi-board OC tournament with a strong emphasis on collab and storytelling.

/Crab/ Pastebin Archive:

We have a d*scord server, to join us you have to submit your character for crab3 and its introduction in any artistic format. At the moment we accept a limited number of users, gradually. Link itt
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my drawings

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i will put my drawings here
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OC Thread #46: Cafe Edition

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Heyo! Welcome to the Oekaki OC Thread. These are a series of threads dedicated to your Original Characters! Sperging, lore dumps, and oversharing is highly encouraged. Bring your creations to life!
With the winding down of summer comes the need for coffee. What better theme for the thread than a nice lively cafe?
And finally, now that the Summer Scramble has concluded (congrats, Starmakers!) we will finish off the OP with a link to the Oekaki OC 'cord. gg/gxdGueRcP
Let's get drawing, oekaki!
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Here is a cool art thingy :D
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/npg/ Comfy North Park OC thread #23

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Welcome to the North Park OC thread, a place to draw, create and discuss original characters for North Park, a South Park spin off. Feel free to read through the wiki for more information on the characters so far. Otherwise, draw characters and have fun!

If you are here from the 4chan ad, we didn't put that up, and we don't know who did or why. You're welcome to stick around if you enjoy what you see, but we aren't a big project looking for voice actors or animators we are mostly just anons messing around and drawing characters.

Here is a list off most of if not all the drawn characters so far. If you want a quick way to start drawing them, use a random number generator ( and have a go at drawing whatever characters you get. You can even do it multiple times if you want to draw more than one character together. Feel free to look through the Wiki or ask in the thread for more info on the characters, although not all the ones shown here have Wiki articles made yet, as it's a work in progress.

Wiki link:

Previous thread:
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among us
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Drawing until I am good

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I will draw here every day until I am good at art. Might take years.
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Drawpile Thread

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Join artists from all over the world in the Drawpile, the Premiere Cross-Board Collaborative Drawing Event. A 9500 x 9500 pixel shared canvas awaits!

Drawpile Software:
Session URL:

Server is accessible 24/7

A growing amount of sporadic activity can be found throughout most weekdays, official meetup starts Sundays at 5pm CST. Hope to see you there!

Be conscious of the canvas size and considerate of others with the size of your own drawings

-2.2 Beta Users: Exercise caution when using the new brushes, until we can get the server updated your work could be altered after a cache reset. The Auto Reset feature will be disabled until this is addressed to maximize the safety of your artwork in the interim. Save often!

-MEGA archive:

/ic/ Drawpile thread: >>>/ic/6842737
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Lets draw more

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I decided to make a second thread because it actually gives me motivation to draw more and that it's good for my mind
You can also post your stuff if you want, I might or might not draw your OC depending on how easy is for me to do it.
Don't expect anything but cheesy anime girls stuff in here
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