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It's over

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I'm someone who annually (or semi-annually, depending on a bunch of factors) hunts wild cervids, particularly caribou and moose, and I've been keeping a beady eye on the CWD epidemic in North America waiting for the day that zoonosis inevitably occurred. It seems that it may have happened.
It's over. It's never been more over. In fact, it's so over that I've been sitting here with my head in my hands uttering "It's over" in a very over-exaggerated French accent so that it sounds like "It is Auvergne."
But my question is: In /out/'s opinion, just how Auvergne is it? What do you all reckon is going to happen here? And will you change your hunting behaviour as a result?
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I've never used one of these
Are they really that useful? Are they a real game changer?

I see everyone using these but dunno... never felt the need
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/out/ cooking

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Doing a camping trip in the next month or so and have been roped in as the camp cook. It's a three day trip, what would be good foods to bring given we're going to be camping out on public land in the western US? Was thinking eggs and corn beef hash for breakfast, something light for lunch, but drawing a blank on dinners. It'll be a three day trip, so will need foods that will stay well in a cooler. Have a double propane burner, and a single butane one.
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Fishing & Tackle Thread

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#502- “Hands Off My Soft Plastics!” Edition

Previous Thread:

janny pls…

Thinking about picking up a new hobby? Want to get a memecaster? Haven't mastered the Palomar knot? Click here!

New Bong Fishin Guide

First for best telescopic rod is the one you exchanged for a 3pc.

Talk about fishin
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what is the point of these things? literally the worst of both worlds. I'd much rather be in the actual woods in my tent or be in actual suburbia in my comfy home. not an awful mishmash of the two.

t. begrudging camper owner due to wife
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What do you guys hunt with? Whether its small or big game
What kinds of guns/bows/knife equipment do you use/recommend
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Main differences between hiking in Europe and America?

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I have only ever hiked in Europe but I'm interested in experiences other places when I take a sabbatical next year. Pic rel is the type of environments I have hiked.
Pictures please!
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Im going to die in nature, wish me luck anons

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Im preparing to leave society and live in the temperate forests of Patagonia. I know my chance of survival is slim but on the odd chance I make it, I will finally be fulfilled. That said I consent to dying, doing what I love.

>Trained botanist
>8/10 in foraging skill points
>Chemist by career, capable of producing rudimentary medicine (simple extraction and standardization) using plant and animal remains.
>Master gardener of both native and creole plants
>Able to track wild animals based on knowledge of plant communities

What are somethings I need to learn and train before going? Learn how to build a waterproof encampment under an hour? Learn how to trap? Learn how to spear fish? Etc.

What should be my overall goal other than surviving?
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I'm looking up maps of public national forests, to find nice land suitable for me to head out in and do recreation activities. Something that has been irking me, is that often the best access points and most convenient to public land for me are privately owned. I found a whole section of national forest essentially surrounded by private land, and for me to access it easily I'd have to cross through private land. Like why is this shit allowed for people to buy access points to public land, and then use it for their own purposes in addition to using the public land for their own purposes. Many of these people will have an effective monopoly of the public land, because they own the easiest access points and it's not easily available for anyone else. So they "control", or at the very least have a near monopoly use of the public land for their own purposes, a much greater amount of land than they actually own.

Is it a case of, they owned the land before the national forest existed, or these land are being traded privately to gain effective monopoly usage of a great amount of public land?
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salut, romanon here
the fuck is this?

can any other romanon explain what is happening? is the media exaggerating this? is this real??
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