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Superboy/The Adventures of Superboy (1988)

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Does anyone have this show in mkv/mp4? I can only find torrents with avi files.
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where's this from?
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Can someone give me a high quality webm of House MD's Season 8 opening?
I would do it myself but I'm a retard

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Anyone wants to make a deepfake porn video with her? She's really hot. I think it would make for some good cooming material.

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why do zoomers keep saying :skull:?
wtf does it even mean?
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Requesting minor tweaks

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Happy Birthday 4chan!
I want to print out a poster in picrel to paste in my room. However, I just want the number two removed. Maybe the image could be upscaled as well, but I don't think it's a huge deal—it's a decent picture. I'll post a clear reference (albeit b'n'w) in the next post if it makes the job a little easier.
Catbox link:
If you decide to fulfill my request, please use Catbox as well. Thank you!

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Is there a good, free muay thai workout app similar to Punchlab or Heavy Bag Pro? Both of these require pricey subscriptions which I'm not interested in (as I'm a poorfag).

Or if possible, find me unlocked / cracked versions of these apps. I tried but couldn't find.

Download from Kemono party

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i have been trying to download a video from kemono(.) party but i cant seem to figure out how it works
i get a link like "c1 kemono party/data/b7/****.txt"
and it 404s? i flagged a post, and it got renewed pretty quick but still not wokring, so i dunno

magazine design

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Yo. I'm compiling a magazine for /lit/ and have some pages I'm bothered by when it comes to the typography and illustrations. Pic related is the cover; gonna dump the offending pages.

Any suggestions on how to improve the look of a given page would be appreciated. Pointing out errors is also welcome, but I plan to do a few editing passes later on anyway, so that's not high priority.
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I know this is a bit of a stretch, but I'm trying to find a book I read in school. These are the details I remember:
>I'm pretty sure it's set in the first half of the 20th century. I have a feeling it's in the 1920s but not certain.
>A boy (10-13 years old?) has been injured in an explosion (his father is a demolitionist) and is sent to live with a relative somewhere on the Mediterranean coast for a while
>The boy was either from the UK or Australia
>He meets a girl around his age who is a bit idiosyncratic
I guess it was a bit of a coming of age story. I can't really remember any other details. The book was kind of old but I couldn't say how old exactly. Almost certainly written before 2000, anyway, and either published in Australia or the UK