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Recommend me western comics based on my favorite manga

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>Battle Angel Alita
>Shaman King
>Rurouni Kenshin
>FullMetal Alchemist
>Diamond Is Unbreakable
>Please Save My Earth
Specifically looking for something heavily character focused with good world building and interesting narrative structure.
I've already read the entry level stuff like Sandman/Hellboy/Watchmen btw

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Any medfags?
Does this look like a vein? It's on the inner-side of my knee

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Please bare my autistic grammar, but yesterday, the Duckduckgo app lists links I visited, accompanied by a clock symbol next to them, as if it were browsing history. I've never seen it do this before. Is there a way to disable or prevent it? I really don't like it doing that.

Moe anime recommendations?

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I need something like Di Gi Charat to put on my to watch list. Something old and a cult classic so I can keep up with people who like that sort of stuff

apu megathread

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frens only
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taboo anime/manga?

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looking for some taboo anime or manga. yandere, incest, age gap, etc. preferably not harem.
bonus points for mother/son or female dominating male in general... for no particular reason

Manga similar in tone and themes to Fear & Hunger?

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I'm looking for a manga recommendation, that's similar to Fear & Hunger, the video game in terms of themes and tone. Dark fantasy and horror genre-wise, taking place in a single location, with a plot revolving around a group of anti-hero characters trying to uncover the mystery surrounding the place, and coming to horrifying conclusions, as they discover more and more sinister things that have been happening there. Obviously doesn't have to be a carbon copy of the game's plot. I still want to be surprised by all the twists and turns, so the manga doing its own thing is more than appreciated.
>inb4 Berserk because Funger is inspired by Berserk
That ain't it. Berserk is a great manga, don't get me wrong, but it spans a much larger scope of events. In order for it to be like Fear and Hunger, it'd have to involve Guts having to investigate who exactly The God Hand are, and why Griffith did the things he did. A much smaller, more focused storyline.

Drive Recovery

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My external HDD got the click of death. When I plug it in, the Windows plug in sound plays, but it doesn't show up on the file explorer or disk management and it starts clicking. I tried opening it up to see if there were mechanical issues or scratches, but I didn't see anything wrong there. Are there any fixes or sofware that can help me recover my data without spending hundreds of dollars? As I type this, my HDD is sitting in the freezer, but I doubt it'll work.


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Can any of you fine men and women somehow clean this up and turn it into a vector? or just clean it up. want to get this tattooed but im having trouble. :3
if anyone could direct me to a easy to use vector program, that would be cool too. thanks

Win10 laptop is fucked

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Can you fix my laptop?
It freezes during shutdown, reboot, and sleep mode. Running Dell diagnostics tools or update makes it freeze.
I tried restoring Windows 10 and - you guessed it - it froze during the process and it was hell to get back to square one from a broken repair process.

I cant run RAM checks because they require a reboot. I cant do anything that requires a reboot or a shutdown to work. The only way to shut down my pc is a forced shutdown by holding the power button down for 10-15 seconds.

I'd like to install Windows 7 but my BIOS doesnt recognize USB sticks at all, and CMS option doesnt exist. I hate this laptop.