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Do you watch asian tv? Recommend me some shows/movies. No anime
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4-8 player games, preferably co-op?

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For a few years now I've been playing vidya with my friend group (8 people usually, but sometimes less) every weekend but we've pretty much come up empty these past few weeks with nothing to play where all of us can participate. Was wondering if anyone knew of any games where all of us can work together towards a goal of some kind.

Some games we played over the years and how much time we put into them:

Valheim (50 hours)
SCP: Secret Lab (100 hours)
Tabletop Sim (50 hours)
Monster Hunter World (100 hours)
VR Chat (70 hours)
Sven Coop (20 hours)
Golf with your Friends (20 hours)
Jackbox (100 hours over multiple versions)
Terraria (50 hours)
Minecraft (100 hours)

There's a bunch more too but we only gave them a playthrough or two. We're thinking of giving Ark a go next since that allows for 8 players or so on a server, but does anyone know of any other vidya that we could all participate in? Price isn't really an issue either.

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requesting as many 4chan screenshots as you have, the older the better. I'll take whatever. building an archive.
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4chan Clover Day!1!1! (Adventure, Comic and Meme)

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Test # 10: Someday Is Special Third Time, Incredible Clam Day
>Whoa! st patricks day!1!!11! :DDDD
Previous Test [Archive]
Test # 1 is finished (Respects Anon)
Test # 2 is finished (Based by /s4s/)
Test # 3 is Finished (Very Beautiful)
Test # 4 is Finished (Helpers Anon)
Test # 5 is Finished (Helpers MisterShu)
Test # 6 is Finished (Thanks help again MisterShu)
Test # 7 and Test # 7.5 (Dramatic Messages and Nightmare and Deleted by Mods and Jannies)
You already know Anon used this Archive
Test # 8 is Finished (It's part fun and help)
Test # 9 is Finished (Something very strange MisterShu but other Anon Normal Friend)
Oh Bois 10 Thread!!1!1 Bruh xd well... continue create draw when you feel funny 4chan /v/orld character and more etc.
Also, I'm requesting classic 4chan memes and OCs. anyone give me classic 4chan memes please?
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Trying to Bypass Screenshot protection

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I'm trying to finish the volumes of an old manga that never got all the volumes online,i found it on a ebook reader from a specific company but it needs you to register to acess it,the problem is that i'm unable to take any pictures or videos even with some third party tools i've tried,they completely miss it,i could take pictures of each page individually but its over 10 volumes and i would have to scan the pages again so it would be a lot fo effort.
The program download the manga pages as jpgs but they seem to be encrypted somehow so i can't open them,i don't know if it would be hard to decrypt those files
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Looking for Fanart

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I'm making a folder of fanart of character called "News Boy" who is from a roblox game called Arsenal. Pic attached is the character in question. I'm mainly looking for fanart from two artists on twitter that seemed to have been deleted.

The first one was from an artist who drew news boy multiple times in an anime style. Some examples of this was a comic, and a holiday photo of other characters in the arsenal game. I remeber one of their old @'s was empannn or something like that. I think they deleted their account.

The second one drew a catboy newsboy and possibly more. There's a tweet responding to the fanart, which might help you find it.

There's two other piece I'm looking for.

One was from a drawpile of other arsenal characters. The artist who made this drew a bunch of fanart of two other characters, Dealer and Private Eye. Aparently they got exposed as a groomer and deleted their account, but I'm not too sure on the first part.

Second one was a mini-comic of another character, News Girl, asking News Boy something along the lines of "Hey lil bro why are you gay?" to which he replies something like "bitch shut the fuck up".

If any of you can, could you ask around the arsenal discord server? I don't have an account and I sure as hell don't feel like making one. Also, if you come across any fanart of News Boy in the server that isn't listed in this post, please share it.

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can you guys recommend me other good dubbed shit like Yugioh shit is so gas

lenovo ideapad 5 15itl05

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Some guy gave me his bricked lenovo ideapad 5 15itl05, and he doesn't know what the supervisor password. I think his Ex set it to random keys, and bricked it.

Is there any hope I can clear it without buying a whole other board for it? Or should I just chuck it?

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If I have two same bombs exploding at the same time at the same place (like literally same plane of being same space in the universe)
Same space
Same time
Same bombs

Does the explosion gets bigger?
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