Domain changed to . Feb 14-25 still awaits import.

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why can't I fucking get my Plex remote access to work? I set up NAT port forwarding in router settings, added firewall permissions and I still can't share my library. Am I retarded and missing something obvious?

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I need a program that allows me to compare videos to see similarities, like those image comparison programs or pages for image sauces.

Also if possible, a tool that differentiates between an image that is like a copy, but with higher-lower quality, and one that is just an edit.

Anime with lots of suffering / anguish?

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Hi anons, looking for an anime where there is a lot of suffering and anguish. Anything that has the same vibes as these:
>Haibane Renmei
>Madoka Magica
>Made in Abyss

I suppose I've seen all the best ones already but happy to be proven wrong obviously. Thanks in advance.
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Looking for more images like this, on how to get into various genres of anime
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More girls like this

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>Shark teeth
>Baggy eyes
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Simplified books on political science?

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Anything similar to picrel? (Political Science for Dummies)
I want to read, not through a computer screen however, about the general political atmosphere and different concepts, with key people (e.g. Hitler as a key figure of Nazism). Preferably it should not be US-specific since I'm European

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What is the blurred background referencing?

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Can someone AI upscale this picture to at least 400x400 or bigger?

As long it still looks right
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Scientific books

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I really want to become a scientist in Neuroscience and also become good
at Medicine, but I can't find good scientific books about it for free (I have no
money). I discovered a place called "sci-hub" that somehow has that stuff,
but I heard it is illegal. Can someone come and we can talk about it?
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