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how do i get into classial music
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kpop general

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/ftl/ - Fish Tank Live #2066

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sleepin in class edition

>Fishtank Season 1 links
>What is Fish Tank?
>Will there be a season 2?
Yes, it's going to be fucking gay. December or something.
>When Josie Stream? @sheep_xing on youtube
streaming schedule: Monday regular/Wednesday Membership/Friday regular
>Vance Stream Schedule: Tuesdays/Sundays
>Betty Stream Schedule: Tuesdays & Friday/Saturdays for her 2nd stream

>Keep up with the cast of Season 1
>Missed a day?
Archive COMPLETE: Days 1-42 + the full motion capture archives

>Thread template if needed

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he will eat the whole apple

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I am about to goon at 20hz 9 pm UTC. Everybody else tune your penises to that frequency so that we can create a global goonwave resonance cascade. You will feel my goonwaves, all you need to do is syncronise with them and we'll get the world record for post nofap-gigaorgasm.

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Chris Chan is a TI, his trolls are gangstalkers (Bella Jenke's dad is literally a CIA glownigger) and he has been under constant demonic harassment and possession for decades at this point. In the beginning he was a harmless autistic manchild who didn't deserve any of this and he has been transformed into a delusional monster.

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the criminal has been arrested
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End days thread.
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