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/SQT/ - Stupid Questions Thread

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For questions that don't need a thread

Saw there wasn't one, so I guess I'll make it myself
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I was replying to some thread with word "anusfinder", seconds later some anon replied to the other thread with some sony shill giblertish with word "anusfinder" completely out of context

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>~25 years after digital became main stream
>still can’t match the quality of 100 year old film

Why is film, explicitly medium and large format, so hard for technology to beat? Digisisters are we truly inferior to filmchads?
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What 2000s cameras create this?

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What cameras create this yellow date text on the bottom right side of the screen could you give me some examples?
I keep seeing these images pop up on the internet recently
I would love some names
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I do my first fashion show tomorrow

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What should i know ? Should i take my 20-60mm f3/f4 or my 50mm 1.8 ?
It's a small creator so i think it's not gonna be in a big place.
I have three battery with me, one lumix s5II, i will be here for photography, i will probably do some video too if i can.
Do you have advice for me ?
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High ISO tolerance

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What's your typical tolerance for ISO in your photos? How high do you allow yourself to get up to under various circumstances?

Have you ever pushed your luck and had something really nice come out of it?

Pic unrelated.
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Film General /fgt/

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A thread dedicated to the discussion of all things film and film cameras

Kodak Tmax 100


/fgt/ daily reminder (courtesy by anon): one stop per decade is (generally) bullshit
>negative film ages better than positive
>black and white better than color
>slow films better than fast
>storage conditions (dry/cool) matter more than years
>Negative film is shot 1 or 2 stops overexposed and then PULLED in development so that you build more density in the exposure and develop less such that the fog is limited
>slide/positive film is shot at box speed or overexposed and pulled.
>if you home develop you can also use benzotriazole as a restrainer for the the first developer in E6 process

>What should my first film camera be?
If you have a DSLR system. Get a camera that shares the same lenses. If not, something in the vein of cameras like the Canon A-1 or a Pentax Super Program or a Nikon FA should work.
>Why is film so expensive, it wasn't like this 5 years ago!
It's either "the Jews did this" or "get a job Jamal". Choose accordingly.
>Is medium format worth getting into?
No. Unless you like the look and workflow.
>How to digitize negatives?
Have a modern camera? Get a macro lens and try scanning with that. Otherwise hunt down some old dedicated film scanner like a Minolta or a Nikon (or that one good Canon). With a medium format you could use a flatbed scanner but the quality will be so so...

Useful links
>[massive dev chart] gives times for home film development
>[film dev] shows results of development regimes
>[news & community links]

Thread Question
What is your preferred B&W Filmstock?
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Entry Level MF

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Thinking about building a digital medium format camera out of a Mamiya or something similar, probably with a Phaseone back. Any advice or tips? Anyone done this themselves?
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Portraits of /p/

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Post your self-portraits ITT.
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>He uses a Nikon body lmao
Never again.
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