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/m43/ micro four thirds general - macro four thirds edition

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also hand held focus stacking is a marketing scam edition
also look at my sooc focus stacked macros edition
let's discuss why m43 is the best macro system out there
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Why does this board have such extreme technophobia?

I thought being into cameras you would like technology but this board is stuck in time 10 years ago. No mention of smartphones no Instagram def no tik tok, despite these being the biggest things relating to photography in the last 10 years. And don’t even get me started on ai.
Just rename the board to classic photography, it has nothing to do with modern photography.
How is there zero threads about photogaphy reels? Zero threads about using ai in your photography? Zero threads about photography for tik tok?

It’s just sad when people get so old they can’t use any technology built past a certain date.
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New Ricoh GR

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A new Ricoh GR will be released on friday, 2024.2.23

What do you think will the new specs be?

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Photo Organization

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How do you guys manage your digital archive of photos? Do you have a specific file structure? Do you prune and delete things quickly?

I feel like I always get way too overwhelmed and never do anything and all my pictures just end up sitting on my hard drives to never see the light of day.

I usually just organize based on which camera then date but even that feels too overwhelming at times.
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Came back from Japan recently, all my pics are over 5mb though Ill have to do some resizing
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/gear/ thread

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Nikonos and why didn't weh ave a thread for ages edition
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/fag/ - Fujifilm Appreciation General #54

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s/out/oc edition

Previously on /fag/: >>4273920
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/bpd/ Bird Posting & Discussion

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New year, new birds
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Film General /fgt/

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Fomapan R100 edition

Kodak to cut price of 35mm tri x by 30%

PREV THREAD:>>4282645

QUESTION to start the thread off
>Has anyone in here actually shot pic related?

/fgt/ daily reminder (courtesy by anon): one stop per decade is (generally) bullshit
>negative film ages better than positive
>black and white better than color
>slow films better than fast
>storage conditions (dry/cool) matter more than years
>Negative film is shot 1 or 2 stops overexposed and then PULLED in development so that you build more density in the exposure and develop less such that the fog is limited
>slide/positive film is shot at box speed or overexposed and pulled.
>if you home develop you can also use benzotriazole as a restrainer for the the first developer in E6 process

Useful links
>[massive dev chart] gives times for home film development
>[film dev] shows results of development regimes
>[news & community links]
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