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ansel adams general

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>post/discuss anything ansel adams related
anyone know where a high rez digital collection of his images can be found? looking for whatever: websites, zips, torrents, purchase, ect.
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DPReview to close

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DoP's, studio photographers, and film hippies use them.

Do you use an incident meter? Why or why not?
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Alternatives to X100V

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What are some decent alternatives to this camera that are not Ricoh (I don't give a fuck about street photography). I just love the form factor - it helps me pick it up a lot more and use it. Something from Canon/Sony maybe? Similar form factor and focal length are important. I am fined with fixed lens systems. Don't really care much for fuji film sims to be honest. I saw the Sony RX1R II but I don't see this available anywhere and it seems extremely expensive.
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I hate the camera industry so much its unreal.

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>be old school slr film boomer that dropped out of photography late '90s
>decide to get back in the game and start working with digital photography several years ago
>go through point n shoot, bridge and expert cameras working towards professional DSLR
>finally get dslr
>not fully satisfied because no focus screens
>forced to enjoy dslr as they are
>"oh well. guess that's' just how it is. at least they have optical view finder"
>decide early mirrorless is stupid because no viewfinders
>viewfindewrs finally start appearing on mirrorless
>don't bother because already have dslr gear
>finally get around to using a modern mirrorless with viewfinder, proper focus magnification. focus peaking, live histogram, zebra and live preview
>absolutely blow away
>can't understand why all of these features weren't in the early 2000s bridge cameras
>forced to realize how much time and effort wasted fucking around with trash camera technology, raw files and photoshop
I hate the camera industry so much its unreal. Corporations have literally wasted two decades selling utter garbage. There is absolutely no reason for japan to not have had 100% of modern mirroless tech features in all of its high end cameras by the early 2000s. There has literally been zero progression in photo tech the past twenty years besides adding features that could have been in cameras twenty years ago. Sure there have been improvements in sensor and processing tech. Actual features and options that make taking photos in a sane and logical process in camera have not appeared until very recently in the history of digital cameras. These features didn't appear because of some shift in technology. They appeared because japan finally got off its ass and got around to putting them in cameras. Shameful.
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Why have disposable film cameras gone extinct?

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The world was better and felt more significant when you captured the moment on even cheap rolls of film.

SOUL was kept intact in the image. Better dynamic range than digital, beautiful imperfections. The limited stock made taking photos a novelty and forced you to treat each photo with reverence and consideration. Digital makes things too easy, and it looks like DOGSHIT.
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Bird thread

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Old thread >>4140407
Include bird names
Coopers hawk
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Photos of places not very busy

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Is it ethical?

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Just bought a used camera from a shady character off craigslist, pretty sure it's stolen given how cheap he let it go for, but it's film and no real way of finding it's previous owner, am I naughty for just rolling with the great deal or what?
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