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So what's really gonna happen when we die. You think reincarnation and stuff is real? Like we were born so we could learn and correct the mistakes from our previous lifetime or something. Because if that is the case, I wonder if I'm ever going to figure that out cuz so far I don't and I don't even think I'm even close

And was thinking today how you never know when you're going to die. So I want to say some last words to you bant in case I get gunned down by niggers for being white or something
Here I go
Just want to say thanks for the exchanges I've had with all the comers and goers of bant. Tbf I think all of the time I've spent here was mostly a waste, but everyone that's come here and that I've talked with was pretty much my total social life for the past few years so I guess I should appreciate that a little bit. You don't really know me and vice versa, but we were able to shitpost comfortably together and that's something right? Maybe not... idk but that's all I've got for now. Think of this as a rough first draft. I might make another version of this in the future that's more thought out. Anyway so now that I'm gone and you're reading my last words I wish for all of those I interacted with a nice life and that all your dreams come true and yaddadyadda(fluffy stuff to make you feel good). The end

Sincerely, your frendly neighborhood anonymous bro.