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What did you eat at the convention?
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Anyone submited anything in the new feedback thing?

pic unrelated

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This thread is a petition to keep /con/ around as a permanent board. Post here to make your voice heard!
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Does /con/ have mods? I see no con discussion here.

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Check em
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How was your convention!?
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The con made me want to quit 4chan forever. Honestly the 4chan community that went to the 4chan panel were lamer than expected. In line they were shouting ITS HAPPENING! when little do those newfags know that a meet up has happened before in the past multiple times. They sort of remind me of the 2008 boston meet up. They also thought 4chan was a friendly place. 4chan is the least friendliest place on the internet besides League of Legends. Also these dumbasses were not anonymous at all. They said there names before they asked moot a question and not one said there name was anon. They spouted lame meme's and even moot said 4chan was a meme community now. They high fived each other in line and hell I tried to fight anyone I came in contact with but everyone was too pussy.
4chan awa panel reminds me of the 2008 boston meet up. With memes
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>there are people in this world who can stand going to cons and being around the neckbeards there