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The current state of transportational debate

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Just my opinion, i find most normie transportation debate just boils down to self-righteous virtue signalling "i just watched an NJB video and now i want all vehicles completely banished" types VS the backwoods retard who insists that any sprinkle of alternative infrastructure is impeding on his freedom.
there's never any real debate or discussion (other than on here) about modern transit infra that doesn't end with a full out war.
used to be able to talk to people about transit, bike paths, roads and general infrastructural projects without every 17 year old who keys vans for fun chiming in with they're fierce moral objection to anything quad wheeled and motorized, and dodge sooper doody f-900 drivers who insist that it should be legal to run cyclists over for sport.
i feel like a lot of this split in opinion is a side effect of the states using cars as a "one size fits all" band-aid solution for the last 70 years, and the public finally seeking diversification, but instead of healthy discourse, people split into 2 extremes. its like this with every hot topic in the western world. your either completely on one side or the other. any opinion other than the 2 contrasting extremes does not matter in the slightest. its hard to talk about anything without the angriest most spiteful people coming out of the woodwork to pound you into dust for an opinion that does not resonate with them. i hope for a day i could have a normal discussion with people again.
what are your thoughts /n/?