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They couldn't find the tunnels

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Israel has finished their month long siege of a civilian hospital in gaza which they claimed housed terrorist tunnels.
After confirming that they were able to kill all the children in the hospital in as slow and terrifying manner as possible, they finally decided to roll their tanks thru the front door.

They never did find the tunnels, but they did stage a couple of rifles, a radio and a computer near an MRI machine for a photo shoot.
Israel released footage from Gaza’s largest hospital on Wednesday that it said proved the site was being used by Hamas militants, after searching buildings in an operation that carries high stakes for both sides of the war.

The footage showed the MRI wing of the sprawling Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, where Israel said it found AK-47s, grenades, military uniforms and a battle vest with the insignia of Hamas’s military wing. In a video, an Israeli military spokesman pointed to a laptop, a hand-held tactical radio and a set of discs as evidence of a Hamas command center in the hospital, although the laptop screen was blurred and he didn’t specify what was found on it.

Israeli military spokesman Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari said Israeli troops also found Hamas military uniforms thrown on the floor

The Israeli military didn’t show evidence Wednesday of underground complexes or prove its allegations of a Hamas tunnel network connecting to the hospital, but said it was still in the process of combing through the medical complex.

Near the U.S. Capitol Wednesday night, about 150 protesters, calling for a cease-fire in Gaza, faced off with police at the Democratic National Committee headquarters. Arrests were made, the Capitol Police said on social media.