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Sandy Hook families offer Alex Jones deal to pay 6 percent of $1.5B he owes to get out of bankruptcy

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The Sandy Hook families who forced Alex Jones into personal bankruptcy after they won $1.48 billion in defamation damages have offered the Infowars host a deal to pay them 6 percent of what he owes in exchange for dropping their claim against him.

“Jones may elect to receive a complete discharge for himself and (his parent company also in bankruptcy) if he agrees to pay, from any source, at least $8.5 million per year, plus 50 percent of any income over $9 million per year, for 10 years,” reads a settlement offer by the families’ attorneys, filed two days before Thanksgiving in Texas bankruptcy court. “The time has come for Jones to choose whether he is willing to pay his creditors a reasonable portion of what they are owed or would prefer to remain embroiled in costly and time-consuming litigation for years to come.”

Jones’ bankruptcy attorneys had not responded to the families’ settlement offer on Monday, except to tell the judge in a pre-Thanksgiving filing that Jones was working on his own plan to get out of bankruptcy that would be presented in December.