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Jewish Terrorists Attack Americans, American Police Arrest The Americans

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Meanwhile, meth addled street shitting hobos are not only allowed to fuck up California, the state gives them welfare to continue doing so.
May 3, 2024

Fresh chaos, arrests on US college campuses as police flatten camp at UCLA

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) -Police forcibly removed scores of defiant pro-Palestinian protesters at several colleges on Thursday, including taking down an encampment at UCLA in a jarring scene that underscored the heightened chaos that has erupted at universities this week.

In the pre-dawn hours, helmeted police swarmed a tent city set up at the University of California in Los Angeles, using flash bangs and riot gear to push through lines of protesters who linked arms in a futile attempt to halt their advance.

Los Angeles police said on social media that 210 people were arrested at UCLA, and hundreds of arrests were made at other universities overnight and on Thursday.

"I'm a student here," one UCLA protester told cameras as he was led away, his hands bound. "Please don't fail us. Don't fail us."

Hours later, the student, who would only give his first name as Ryan, was back on campus and vowed he would not stop fighting.