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Democrats vote for election fraud

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Stamford Connecticut, plagued by Democrat election fraud (see: Democrat Party Chief Convicted of 28 felony counts of election fraud just had legislation shot down by democrats which would have required 1 year jail time for election fraud - the city has been plagued by Democrat election fraud with many convictions, but democrats are not serving any jail time for their felonies
Democrats resoundingly voted to support election fraud and their recently convicted party Chief.
HARTFORD — The law-writing Judiciary Committee on Friday killed legislation that would have created mandatory jail time for people convicted of a wide range of election-related fraud.

The bill, which would have required a minimum sentence of one year in prison for anyone convicted of election fraud. It was voted down by Democrats who have a 24-13 majority.

Democrats on the Judiciary Committee opposed the bill which was in response to the irregularities in last September's Democratic mayoral primary in Bridgeport, which included video of people allegedly placing multiple absentee ballots into a collection box.

"We saw on video, effectively, some election interference and the Republican caucus, both the House and Senate, have been very forthright in making sure people understand our desire to address these problems," said Sen. Rob Sampson of Wolcott, a ranking Republican on the GAE Committee. "There are a number of election-related crimes, everything from election officials interfering with a tabulator machine or producing improper ballots, to people that are actually engaged in ballot harvesting and interfering with elections. All of those things are already crimes, but to my knowledge, no one has ever served a moment of jail time in Connecticut for any of those things in the past, despite the fact that there having been convictions."