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NY Democrat Kevin Parker claims law he voted for is unconstitutional

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A Brooklyn state senator claims the law allowing a rape lawsuit against him to move forward was unconstitutional — even though he actually voted for the legislation and then bragged about it.

In court records filed this month, notoriously hot-headed pol Kevin Parker formally denied the rape allegations against him. But he also went a step further, asserting that the Adult Survivors Act, which allowed the related lawsuit against him to proceed, was unconstitutional.

The now-expired act permitted alleged victims to file civil lawsuits against their accused attackers within a certain window even if the state’s statute of limitations had run out on their claims.

Parker was accused of the 2004 alleged attack in November 2023 in a claim that made it just under the wire.

The state senator, along with every other member of the state Senate, had voted for the legislation in 2021.

Parker even touted his support of the law in a statement in which he denied the rape charges against him shortly after they were levied in November.