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Found a meth lab in the woods last week

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> Mountain biking deep in the woods last week
> Take a trail, assume it's point-to-point, ending at the road
> Somehow get turned around. End up on the back of the mountain, in the middle of nowhere.
> The trail gets smaller and smaller.
> I'm hoping that means I'm closer to the road, but instead it dwindles to nothing. It's a glorified deer trail at this point.
> I see something in the distance.
> What the actual fuck??? It's a camper.
> Looks like pic related, exactly like Breaking Bad, maybe even more ramshackle.
> Covered in spray painted pentagrams, and the hood reads "LIAR"
> How the fuck did it get all the way out here?
> It's got to be five miles to the nearest road.
> I get a better look. There are spent propane tanks all over the place
> I see galvanized metal tubs. Someone has been cooking out here.
> Begin to put two and two together, and I get the feeling I'm being watched.
> Can't see in the windows. Realize someone might be looking back at me.
> Someone has been here recently.
> Realize the trail never led back to the road.
> It was an access path to a FUCKING METH LAB... (To be continued)