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If you like being outside and own a gun, why aren't you shooting Steel Challenge this summer?

>easy excuse to socialize outdoors with other people who like being outside every week at your local club match
>soak up sun and enjoy the breeze (which also blows the propellant gasses away unlike stinky indoor ranges)
>travelling to regional competitions on the weekends gives you a ready-made excuse to break out the tent and go camping
>keeps you handy with that old .22 so when you need to shoot small game in that survival situation you daydream about, you'll have the marksmanship
>no equipment barrier to entry, practically any gun other than shotguns or full size rifles has a division
>no physical barrier to entry, the handicapped, children and elderly all can compete, and do
>cheapest of all the shooting sports, saving your money so you can still buy that new titanium backpacking buttplug you've been saving up for
>the targets make a fun PING sound

Come shoot outside with us.