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Pictures from Japan - August 2023

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Hey people, I've finally gone around to sort the pictures from my previous trip in order to bring the total amount down. (gone down from some 300 pictures to a nice 69)

Thus, time to make a thread here!

These were taken in August of 2023, over a span of two weeks.

Our itinerary was the following:

- Tokyo
- Kanazawa
- Kobe (Himeji, Akashi)
- Hiroshima (Miyajima, Okayama on the way)
- Nagoya
- Tokyo again, two nights and a day.

This was my second trip to the country, and it was just as enchanting as the first,3 years ago, even if it did hurt to "only" stay 2 weeks, after staying nearly 6 months last time.

If you want to share some of your own pictures of Japan or whatever else you find related to what you're seeing here, do feel free!

This first picture is from Kanazawa, needed something colourful for the header, we'll get back to it later.