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Which one should I keep?

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guys what the fuck do I do here. I need a camera for travel/street photography, something that's compact and won't require me to bring my Z 6II out. now I've done my best to evaluate the pros and cons of each

>X100V is absolutely more compact, but the equivalent lens on the Z fc is better, and also interchangeable. the APS-C lens lineup for Nikon Z is garbage however, and unless they release a compact 50mm equivalent, I'll be stuck with this and the kit lens (some 16-50mm f/3.5-6.3 whatever)
>X100V sensor is slightly better
> I already have a Z 6II so I'm familiar with the Nikon ecosystem, and all my FF lens can go on the Z fc if I absolutely need to, but that's not really the intent of the camera.
>I'm building somewhat of a relationship with Nikon, they're resharing a lot of my posts on their social platforms, so maintaining the ecosystem is a plus
>the X100V film simulations seem "fun" and look nice, but unless I'm horribly mistaken I can just recreate the exact same look and feel in LR/post

which would you keep, given the circumstances above?