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Why are all mirrorless cameras lifeless sony clones?

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I'm looking at picking up a compact, full frame camera with good vintage support or a healthy amount of modern manual focus lenses (ttartisans, voigtlander, etc). I'm looking at mirrorless cameras and why are they all so fucking samey and boring?

Is interesting design-wise, has decent lens support, I would grab an X-H1, but it isn't full frame and I want that wider fov

the most god awful, sterile, and boring cameras imaginable, menus stuff with meaningless garbage and AI dog dick autofocus

basically a sony except it has a decent grip

I'm actively paying more for less, might as well buy a nikon or sony

the s5ii seems okay, but there isn't anything to be excited about unless you shoot video otherwise it's just another sony clone

Actually a very interesting camera, but the fp/fp-l don't have a mechanical shutter and there are a lot of people reporting flickering issues, which is a non-starter as I do a lot of indoor and night photography

>anything micro 4/3
lol, lmao even

So why is everything just a sony clone? There is no reason to buy one over the other aside from nit-picking. Everything is so stale and lifeless. I'm not a trihard " professional photographer" on youtube on my client grindset. I just want a fun and interesting camera.

Shill me your most fun camera