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Shinobi Sidestory Quest #54

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You are Uzumaki Shiki, and the situation you’re facing right now is actually pretty dicey. It wasn’t long ago that a mission being undertaken by a jōnin to investigate a crashed airship went south, requiring the well-regarded jōnin Sarutobi Konohamaru to redirect and check in on the investigator. That mission then went so badly south that your team and the rest of Team Konohamaru were all sent there as well, only to find one of the two jōnin with one foot already in the next world and the other struggling to keep both alive in this one.

After facing the apparently autonomous puppets that managed to get the better of two of Konohagakure’s jōnin, one of whom you know to be a respectably skilled ninja, you and your team have been left to examine the crash site to learn as much as you can about your enemy.

That’s why you ‘recruited’ the chūnin Kaminarimon Denki.

He’s not exactly impressive in a fair fight. In fact, if he had to rely purely on his skills as a fighter he’d probably still be languishing at genin like some of your other classmates have been – rescuing cats from trees and escorting little old ladies across the street. To be fair you shouldn’t poke too much fun, since some cats can be mean little bastards and some of Konoha’s streets can be pretty busy.

“You’re here as a technical advisor,” you insist curtly, making sure that the ground rules for this little field trip are clear up-front. “So please don’t touch anything, and communicate any concerns through myself or Hanabi-sensei directly. And don’t stray from the members of my team – if we get separated find cover and hold tight in place, and we’ll come to you.”

“Shiki-kun,” Denki-kun muses, as if having suddenly found himself with a question in need of answering. “Did you… clear this mission with Lord Seventh?”

You pause for a few moments before answering.

Wasabi glances at you. “Shikkun?”

Eventually you get your answer. “He wasn’t happy about it but yes, I convinced him of the necessity.”

“You brought him here before getting permission, didn’t you?” Sumirin asks… not quite accusingly of course, but more confused at why you might do something to poke someone like the Hokage in his proverbial eye.

“From one perspective,” Hanabi-sensei weighs in, “jōnin are not simply capable of making snap-judgement calls in the field – it’s actually expected of us. So for a jōnin who can use hiraishin to bring in a chūnin specialist who isn’t already assigned to their current mission… one could argue that it’s just good problem-solving.”

“And since Denki-kun wasn’t on another mission,” you shrug, “I figured it wouldn’t be a problem.”