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Seekers of the Esoteric (Volume 5)

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It has been a while since you've set foot on her cosmic shore. You have been away for a year now, amidst the High Elves of Holy Luna, which men call 'the moon'. You arrived as a guest of honor, studied there as a student, were nearly made a prisoner, and departed as a fugitive.

It has, in short, been one hell of a vacation.

When you left the city of Hawksong for the Sylvan Realms, the place of your birth, you expected it to be a relatively short trip—a matter of a month, perhaps a little longer. You didn't expect to find yourself battling back the dark fairies of the Unseelie Court to protect a holy artifact of the ancient fairy-gods of the moon, let alone be invited to stay among their celestial cities and beatific woodlands of that distant satellite as a reward. You had hoped to master your condition: a semi-corporeal state of being brought on by the reckless experimentation of a friend and lover. You did so, learning to control the <Rite of Attunement> which brought it about, and to adopt at will an <Improved Aetherial Form>. But that was not ALL you learned... Oh no.

You discovered the secret origins of the True Fey and the Chaotic Good Gods: alien not just to the material plane, but to all the cosmos, envoys from another universe.

You were taught of their sacred purpose: to bring about a new nature, free of pain and predation, strife and suffering. It is an objective stymied only by their conflicts and peace-pacts with the Gods of Darkness... Though in truth, you have your own misgivings about the matter.

You became privy to secrets beyond mortal, 'earthling' ken: that the denizens of the moon have been monitoring the spread of magic and the evolution of biological and spiritual life on Earth, and that these readings and analyses have predicted an imminent Era of High Magic, when the people of Earth shall once more control forces with the potential to reshape the world... Or rip it asunder.

You learned that the gods themselves can feel fear... And that they fear what comes next.

A... let's say a 'heated disagreement' with Divine Princess Yllarquin of the Three-Quarter Moon led you to leave in rather a rush, an escape enabled and expedited by an enchanted envelope and the letter within: a letter from Izirna Henzler, your childhood rival, dear friend, first love, and the daughter of your Archmage master. It brought you back to our second home, where you have dwelled for the past fifteen years: Hawksong, the crown-jewel city of the Race of Man and symbol of the peaceful reign of the centuries-old dynasty of Paladin Kings.

...And a city on the front lines of the coming chaos, if the lunar eladrin are to be believed; a vortex of arcane energies coming to a singular point of no return, with unpredictable results, possibly by the devious machinations of the wicked and cruel Gods of Darkness.