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"Super" """Villain""" Quest

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>In the name of all that is evil and unjust!

You are Carrie Cross and you've spent your whole life giving to the world without anything to show for it. Well it's about time you think... to take some back! You're done playing nice and by the rules, so why not start breaking them and playing nasty? Growing up with Saturday morning shows and your enduring obsession with them, will surely pay off now!

Ah, but before you can begin your reign of terror, what do you have to work with?

>Superpower! Not a very good "super" power, but a rare enough thing in the world regardless.
>Genius! Well you were top of your class anyway, but you always seem to figure something out.
>Resources! You won the lottery recently, so you at least can afford to do whatever it takes.
>Nothing! You are a completely mundane and average, boring person... all the better to take over the world!