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The Lady Knight's Quest III

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Welcome to the Lady Knight's Quest, where you play as Dame Louise le Blanc as she serves her liege with loyalty and grace. Purging heretics, smiting demons, and sending imperial dogs back to the Roslands with their tails between their legs; it's all part of the job description.

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<span class="mu-s">Mechanics</span>
This quest operates on a "Best of One" dice system, where the first roll with an accompanying vote will get used. If an option requires multiple rolls, the rolls will be selected in order. In cases where multiple rolls are required, calls for a roll that appear in Bold Red will always use the first dice rolled, followed by any vote specific calls for a roll. This quest will primarily use rolls of a D20 and rolls of a D100, though other dice may be used when activating a special ability.

On a d20 roll, a roll of 1 before any modifiers is a critical failure, and a roll of 20 is a critical success. Rolls of 20 that are not used for a vote can be banked for later, and will be tallied up after each post.

On a d100 roll, rolls of 1, 13, and 66 is a "cursed" roll. As d100s are generally used to determine the severity of an event, these rolls will result in a far worse outcome than expected (such as needing to fend off a Dragon on what should have been a largely safe mountain pass). On the other hand, rolls of 100, 77, and 69 are "blessed" rolls, which will result in great fortune. Blessed rolls can be banked for later, and will be tallied up after each post.

Banked rolls can be spent in one of two ways. Whenever a natural 1 is rolled on a d20, or a cursed roll is rolled on a d100, if the players have any banked rolls remaining it will automatically be spent to negate the roll, using the next valid roll for that action. Banked rolls will only be spent if they can skip to a better outcome; if three natural 1s are rolled in a row, but there is only 1 banked roll, no rolls will be spent.

For a roll to be banked, it must 1) not be the roll used for a given action, and 2) must accompany a vote. Players are encouraged to roll whenever a roll is called for in order to increase the number of banked rolls.

<span class="mu-s">Resources</span>
Based on the number of banked rolls from the previous thread, you begin the thread with a number of boons. These boons must be used during the course of this thread, or else they are lost forever.

<span class="mu-s">1x Blessing of Tychae:</span> The first Natural 1 of the thread is automatically negated.
<span class="mu-s">2x Tokens of the Shield:</span> You may choose to use a token to automatically succeed on a saving throw, as if you had met the DC.
<span class="mu-s">2x Tokens of the Quill:</span> You may choose to use a token to automatically succeed on a Diplomacy, Intimidate, Bluff, or Sense Motive check, as if you had exceeded the DC by 5.