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Voidship Bridge Simulator #3 - Awaken

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You are LCdr Dallas Annon of the Terran Protectorate Navy, and apparently <span class="mu-s">not</span> the commanding officer of the last live voidship left in this ravaged sector of the galaxy.

<span class="mu-s">Thread #2 Recap:</span>
You have discovered that the chronic nightmares (and other symptoms associated with your recent inheritance of your late brother's command implant) have not been mere implant sickness. No, without your knowledge or consent you have been forcibly connected to your ship’s decrepit mainframe and subjected to a harrowing simulation while you slept. Deceived by the dream-state into believing the Captain (your Father) was dead, you took command of the family’s voidship — the TPN Coober Pedy. Together with your trusty bridge crew, you faced alien assailants, ethical dilemmas, and even death to pilot your vessel to safety.

With it difficult to say how many times you’ve endured this farce before, it's apparent that this time was different. This time, you’ve discovered something so important that the knowledge has put the ship’s unbalanced and malfunctioning “Trinity” AI subsystems into a stalemate — and you suspect you know what (or rather who) that knowledge relates to. Through a combination of your emotional outbursts and focussed willpower, you made contact with and befriended an entity embedded within your voidship’s systems — an entity calling herself ‘Peedee’. The information you managed to extract from the simulation on this childlike construct links her to the original crew of the centuries old voidship, but for some reason she has been kept in suspension all this time.

Together with this young intelligence’s assistance, you learned how to access your voidship’s systems remotely — an elusive feat which had previously frustrated you. More importantly, you also resisted the conditioning that “Guard” — the most functional subsystem of the tripartite AI — attempted to force upon you. Breaking free of its suspension of disbelief protocols, your crew was revealed to you as little more than poorly approximated puppets — their personalities and actions appearing uncanny and wrong once the dreamy fog had lifted. They acted as mere vessels for the entities that now bicker before you:
<span class="mu-r">Guardian</span>, the brawn, attempting to deem you a failure, erase your forbidden knowledge, and return Peedee to dormancy.
<span class="mu-b">Teacher</span>, the heart, arguing for the opposite — to allow you to fulfil your promise to Peedee to be her mentor (and provide her with her favourite snacks).
And <span class="mu-g">Controller</span>, the brain, remaining passively neutral in the confrontation.