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Humanity - Fuck Yeah! #27

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Your name is David "Gunny" Rockefeller, no relation.
A veteran of the united states marine corps, you find yourself in a far-out situation after an all-too-close encounter of the third kind!

In the last thread you secured a fortune in lost bitcoin, utilizing SHODAN's encryption-cracking prowess.
You revealed everything to your sister, who's currently trying to decide what exactly is even real or not.
And picked up an old friend, but not before dealing with a pesky federal agent who's been tailing you for some time now.
But during Agent Smith's interrogation, you seem to have happened upon a crude method of awakening someone's psychic potential.

There's a short lull now as both Redbone and Agent smith are sleeping off their psychic awakening, but it probably won't last long.
After all, there's always more trouble for you to get yourself into.

This time, on Humanity Fuck Yeah!

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